Chitarra bachata – Roxy’s Cafe

Chitarra bachata - Roxy's Cafe
Sweet plantain chitarra noodles, chorizo and fresh farm hen egg sauce, cheese and flower garnish. 10-course chef’s tasting menu $75
Roxy’s Cafe, San Francisco CA

I guess that chitarra is a type of pasta cutter and not a Thundercat (I learn something new every day!), so these were definitely homemade noodles. The noodles had an interesting, soft texture that I quite enjoyed and the chorizo was delicious. I thought this was very inventive, but what do I know… ūüôā

Japanese vases
Japanese vases, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Pollo al horno – Sol Food

Pollo al horno - Sol Food
Free-range, wheat-free boneless, skinless chicken thighs marinated with oregano and garlic then baked. Served with rice, black beans, fried green plantain (tostones con mojo), sweet fried yellow plantain (maduros), organic salad. Two pieces $12.25
Sol Food, San Rafael CA

Wow, this chicken was REALLY flavorful especially when drowned in their addictive hot sauce! The rice, beans and salad were fine but nothing special. I definitely liked the sweet plantain better than the fried green plaintain. The green plantain was too dry and hard for my liking. You also get a lot of food for your money!

Hot sauce - Sol Food

Delicious vinegary hot sauce.

Ballerina red thrift flowers

Ballerina red thrift flowers (Armeria pseudarmeria, Plumbaginaceae), Kentfield.

Fried plantain and black bean burrito – The Little Chihuahua

Fried plantain and black bean burrito - The Little Chihuahua
With cheese, roasted red bell peppers, rice, sour cream, smoky chile salsa, pico de gallo and fresh cilantro and onion. $9.95
The Little Chihuahua, San Francisco

Wow, this burrito is definitely filling! I guess you don’t find a lot of fried plantain burritos in The City and maybe that’s why it’s on the 7×7 Big Eat List, but this isn’t my favorite item on their menu. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good but I actually expected it to be a little more flavorful.

7√ó7 Magazine‚Äôs The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die ‚Äď 2013

Chips and salsa - The Little Chihuahua
Chips and with habanero and chipotle salsas. Complimentary
I like that Little Chihuahua has a salsa bar, but I’m not impressd with the options. All the salsa tend to be on the sour side.

Dolores Park
Dolores Park during SF Pride 2013.

Arepa con relleno – Poquito

Arepa con relleno - Poquito
A plain arepa topped with pork fritada, green onions, sweet plantain, cheese, white beans, pickled onions. $9
Poquito, San Francisco CA

This was not what I was expecting when I saw “arepa” on the menu, but this was SO good! It pretty much had everything on it so it was pretty filling. The pork was delicious as was the fried plantain. A heavy dish, but very nommy!

African wood sorrel (Oxalis pes-caprae, Oxalidaceae)
Yellow Bermuda buttercup/African wood sorrel (Oxalis pes-caprae, Oxalidaceae), 17th Street. It’s wintertime in San Francisco so these weedy plants are popping up everywhere! I wouldn’t want these rampants weeds in my own garden, but I will admit that they’re cute.

Halibut tartare – Saru Sushi Bar

Halibut tartare - Saru Sushi Bar
Served with halibut bone, plantain, and black sesame chips. $15
Saru Sushi Bar, San Francisco CA

The halibut tasted very good and looked beautiful! I didn’t really enjoy the other components though. The black sesame chips were super hard and difficult to eat. The fried halibut tails were even harder and almost impossible to chew. And I really don’t remember if there were any plantains on the plate, lol!

Hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae)
Pink edged hens-and-chicks (Echeveria sp., Crassulaceae), Divisadero Street. I think these succuclents are lovely. They come in many colors and often grow with long stems.

Turon – Baby’s Eatery and Palabok

Project 365: Day 115

Last night was kind of a bust. The variety show at Pantibar had a lot of bad acts so it was hard to watch at times. We spent most of the night at The George but the majority of people didn’t show up until 1 or 2 am so we were tired by then. We still had fun though!

It was a pretty relaxed morning. We had breakfast then packed our bags before checking out. Kryan and David are switching to a 2-person room since they’re staying for a few more days. I guess they’re going to rent a car to explore the countryside. That’ll be fun!

Hubbs and I are at the Dublin Airport for our flight to London, yay! I’m super excited because I’ve never been there and we get to stay with Demetrius. He’s picking us up at Heathrow, and then our London adventure will commence!

Turon Baby's Eatery and Palabok
Deep fried lumpia wrapper filled with plantain and jackfruit.
Baby’s Eatery and Palabok, San Francisco CA

Turon Baby's Eatery and Palabok
I like to think of turon as a dessert lumpia – it’s sweet and delicious. I bought a tray of these for a party and they were a hit!

San Francisco dawn
A beautiful San Francisco dawn from my balcony. I love the vibrant colors on the horizon.

Roasted baby rooster – Do Brazil

Infused with green curry, lime and coconut milk, with¬†“plantains” bananas, tomato, and asparagus. ‚ā¨24
Do Brazil, Gustavia, SAINT BARTHELEMY

This dish was beautifully presented and deceivingly large. I think they put the entire baby rooster in there, lol! The dish was delicious but on the mild (plain) side. When surrounded by ginormous burgers and sweet potato fries at the table, this dish appeared too tame and proper. This could have been helped with a little more spice in the curry.

Complimentary bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Omg, this bread was SO good! I don’t know where they get it. It was perfectly crusty on the outside and so soft and airy on the inside. Noms!

American warship anchor
10-ton iron anchor located across the street from St. Bartholomew Anglican Church. The anchor was discovered in 1981 and is thought to have come from an 18th century American warship. It now acts as a prominent sculpture on the southern end of the harbor.

Flying fish and cou cou – Waterfront Cafe

Flying fish and cou cou Waterfront Cafe
Three fillets of fish steamed in a Caribbean fish broth. Served with cornmeal cou cou, fried plantain, and pickled cucumber. $48 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

The extras were better than the fish, lol! But you really can’t complain about pickled cucumbers and fried plantains. The flying fish, on the other hand, had a really strong fishy taste – not my thing. Great presentation though.

Independence Arch
Independence Arch at the end of the historic Chamberlain Bridge in Bridgetown. At the base of this colorful arch, there is The Pledge which reads, “I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados and to my flag to uphold and defend their honour and by my living to do credit to my nation wherever I go.” Pretty cool stuff.

Sea island shrimp & Plantation pork – Waterfront Cafe

Sea island shrimp & Plantation pork
Cajun spiced and char-grilled shrimp with a ginger soy glaze. Ripe plantain stuffed with ground pork, capers and herbs, deep-fried and served with a tomato salsa. Part of “Tapas for Two” $64 (Barbados dollar)
Waterfront Cafe, Bridgetown, BARBADOS

Plantation pork Waterfront Cafe
Mmm, this was very good! The shrimp was surprisingly tender even with that amount of char on the outside. The fried pork balls were different, but very yummy. I don’t think I’ve even had something like it before. Both items were packed with flavor.

Captain Thomas Henry Sealy grave
Looking down in the grave of Captain Thomas Henry Sealy, located at the cemetery at St. John’s Church. Our taxi driver tour guide told us that we wanted to be buried standing up and facing the sea so he could remain on the lookout for approaching enemy ships. What a diva, lol!

Mofongo relleno de churrasco – Restaurante Raices

Mofongo relleno de churrasco Restaurante Raices

Mashed green plantains stuffed with skirt steak. $18.95
Restaurante Raices, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Mofongo is a local dish of Puerto Rico that has been featured in many food shows including “No Reservations”. So of course I had to try it! I’m so disappointed that I tried it at this super sucky restaurant. The mashed plantains were ok, but I couldn’t get past the super hard and dry pieces of skirt steak. For $19 during lunch, you’d expect better quality.

Chimichurri Restaurante Raices
Chimichurri sauce for the steak. Even though the menu clearly states that this sauce is to accompany the mofongo, it never arrived so I had to wait another 15 minutes after requesting it. Totally lame!

Raices Fountain
Raices (Roots) Fountain along the Paseo de la Princesa. This beautiful fountain marks the start of the waterfront portion of the Paseo de la Princesa. Bring plenty of water if you plan on walking this path on a hot day because it dead ends, so you’ll have to walk the same way back.

Bottomless brunch buffet – Ironside

Project 365: Day 53

This was NOT the best weekend for me. I drank and ate WAY too much, lol! Sunday morning, I was still feeling the effects of the previous night’s merriment. We went to brunch at Ironside for MB2’s extended 40th birthday celebration. They have an all you can eat brunch buffet and bottomless mimosas. Need I say more? It was great to celebrate with MB2 and some of his friends – they were all really great guys. So we pretty much close the place down and drink way too many mimosas, and decide that we should continue drinking in the Castro. Smart, right? LOL! We have a great time, and Silverfox and I are smart enough to cut out early before things get too messy. We grab a small bite at Cafe Flore then head home to turn in early. I was exhausted, fell asleep and totally missed The Emmy Awards broadcast. Oh well.

Brunch buffet Ironside

Round 1 plate with scrambled eggs with cheese, chipotle-garlic breakfast potatoes, bacon, house made spicy sausage, fried sweet plantains, ceviche, biscuits and gravy. They also have a bunch of other options! All you can eat, $16
Ironside, San Francisco

Bottomless peach mimosas Ironside

Bottomless peach mimosas. $10
Trouble, trouble, trouble! We drank A LOT!!!

Ironside upstairs

We closed this place down! Besides one small table downstairs, we pretty much drank all their mimosas and were the last people to leave. Oh dear!