General Tso’s chicken – Eric’s Restaurant

General Tso's chicken - Eric's Restaurant
Green onions. $11.50
Eric’s Restaurant, San Francisco CA

The price of this dish has gone up considerably over the last years, and it’s also less saucy these days. I’m less of a fan of it now. It seems like they’ve changed the recipe for the worse and charge more for it.


Ham and cheese biscuit nuggets – The Wine Kitchen

Ham and cheese biscuit nuggets - The Wine Kitchen
Black pepper gravy. $6
The Wine Kitchen, Leesburg VA

These little bites were yummy and fun to eat. I liked the black pepper gravy too, but I think this ended up being to heavy to eat by myself. This would have been great to share with another diner. It tasted great though, but just too rich to eat the entire thing.

Wild shrimp and grits – The Fremont Diner

Wild shrimp and grits - The Fremont Diner
Stone ground grits with shrimp-sausage gravy, bacon, and green onions. $14.99
The Fremont Diner, Sonoma CA

Doesn’t this plate just look SO lovely and appetizing?! 🙂 Mmm, I love shrimp and grits and this dish was really good. The flavor of the gravy was intoxicating and the shrimp were nice and tender. Noms!

Spike’s sunnyside burger – Good Stuff Eatery

Spike's sunnyside burger - Good Stuff Eatery
1/3 pound natural farm raised beef, dairy fresh cheese, applewood bacon, fried egg, brioche bun, Good Stuff sauce. $7.65
Good Stuff Eatery, Washington DC

This burger was super messy, but totally worth it! I wish that the egg hadn’t broken before I could bite into it though. Regardless, the burger tasted great and went down easily!

Dungeness crab and bacon prawn cobb salad – Barking Frog

Dungeness crab and bacon prawn cobb salad - Barking Frog
Blue cheese, hard poached egg, tomato, avocado-champagne vinaigrette. $24
Barking Frog, Woodinville WA

Now this is my kind of salad! What’s not to love? You’ve got crab, prawns, bacon, eggs, blue cheese, and avocado. I’m in heaven! Even though I wasn’t feeling it at first, the service was actually really friendly (although M.I.A. at times).