Roasted chicken for 2 – Tosca Cafe

Roasted chicken for 2 - Tosca Cafe
Ricotta, pine nuts, marsala. $48
Tosca Cafe, San Francisco CA

This was delicious! The breast wasn’t the most succulent roasted chicken I’ve had, but I loved the Italian flavors with the marsala sauce. I also thought it was super cute that they kept the chicken claws attached to the drums (sorry it’s cut off in the pic). Was it the best roasted chicken? No. But it was SO worth the relatively low $48 price tag for roasted chicken (for two people) in San Francisco.

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Paella of seafood – El Rincon de Pepe

Paella of seafood - El Rincon de Pepe
With shrimp, chicken, clams and mussels. Menu of the day €16.50
El Rincon de Pepe, Sitges SPAIN

This is just a small part of a very large individual portion that came in a paella pan. When the paella pan arrived, I couldn’t believe it was for one person! Anyway, this paella was really tasty and I loved all the beautiful seafood in it. More, please!

Basque tapas – Taktika Berri

Basque tapas - Taktika Berri
Serrano ham, bacalao with pepper, and seafood salad. Each €1.50
Taktika Berri, Barcelona SPAIN

This restaurant was SO much fun! It was like a dim sum restaurant, but with tapas! We got in early when they opened for lunch so we were able to snag a seat in the middle of the bar. This made for perfect positioning for snatching tapas as they came out from the kitchen. The cold tapas were already out on the bar when we sat down, and the hot tapas started coming out shortly after. This trio of cold tapas were pretty tasty! I especially loved the serrano ham. The cured fish was good too, and while the seafood salad tasted good, I thought there was too much mayonnaise for me to fully enjoy.

Cold tapas assortment - Taktika Berri
Cold tapas assortment.