Calamari – Oyster & Chop

Calamari - Oyster & Chop
Furikake crumb, togarashi sprinkle, yuzu mayo. $19 NZD
Oyster & Chop, Auckland NZ

Wow, this was probably one of the best calamari dishes I’ve had! TheĀ  squid was super tender, the breading was delicious, and it was perfectly fried. Combine that with the Japanese flavors and you have a winning plate!


“All natural” furikake rubbed New York cut steak – Sansei Seafood Restaurant

New York cut steak - Sansei Seafood Restaurant
Garlic demi glace and hamakua shiitake mushrooms, roasted new potatoes, arugula salad dressed with Japanese umeboshi vinaigrette. $28.50
Sansei Seafood Restaurant, Waikoloa HI

New York cut steak - Sansei Seafood Restaurant
Mmm, this was very tasty. I loved the tender steak and all the components were pretty and delicious. I just wished the potatoes could have been crispier and not SO greasy.

Noni infructescence (Morinda citrifolia)
Developing noni infructescence (Morinda citrifolia, Rubiaceae), Lololu Valley.