Imperial rolls – Laksa

Imperial rolls - Laksa
Crispy fried rolls filled with ground pork, taro, carrots and silver noodles. $6.50
Laksa, San Francisco CA

These were decent. I’m sure they would have been much better straight out of the fryer. They were a little limp once they made it to the house from delivery. They were oddly bland though.

Wild arugula salad – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Wild arugula salad - Hearth Coffee Roasters
Cherries, chopped walnuts, parmesan. Prix fixe dinner $29.50
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

This salad was tasty, but I’m really tired of the cold service that adds to an overall unwelcoming atmosphere. This was our final meal here with no expectation to return any time soon. I guess we’ll continue to search for our midweek go-to neighborhood joint for dinner.

Blazer wings – Sharps RoastHouse

Blazer wings - Sharps RoastHouse
Smothered in Roaster Fire sauce. Served with buttermilk ranch dressing, garnished with carrots and celery. $12.50
Sharps RoastHouse, SeaTac WA

These were dry, tough, and really gross! I can’t believe that a restaurant would purposefully server this crap. Either the chicken was really old or they just don’t know how to prepare their food. Yuck!