Breakfast nacho skillet – Harvey’s

Buffalo chicken wings - Harvey's
Home fires topped with cheddar and jack cheese, bacon, ham, two eggs over easy, green onions, and side of salsa. $8.95
Harvey’s, San Francisco CA

I was dragged to Harvey’s by a friend again even though they know I really don’t like the food. This was ok, but not at all refined. Very basic…


Sausage and mushroom slice – Marcello’s Pizza

Sausage and mushroom slice - Marcello's Pizza
Marcello’s Pizza, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love pizza after a night out! This wasn’t my favorite though. It would’ve been on the bland side without the added parmesan, pepper flakes, and oregano.

Sesame chicken & Basil chicken – New Ming’s Restaurant

Sesame chicken & Basil chicken - New Ming's Restaurant
With fried rice. 2-item lunch combo $7.30
New Ming’s Restaurant, San Francisco CA

Hmm, I think I chose the wrong items because this wasn’t satisfying to me. Everything was super greasy and the flavors weren’t there. Lame.


Meat gyro platter – Lazeez

Meat gyro platter - Lazeez
Lamb and beef with lettuce, tomato, red onion, tzatziki sauce, Greek pita. $13.50
Lazeez, San Francisco CA

The gyro meat tasted good, but it was really greasy. I like tender meat, but not necessarily glistening with fatty grease. They do give you plenty of it though. I would have appreciated more tzatziki for that amount of food.


Butternut squash soup – Volt

Butternut squash soup - Volt
Roasted squash, curry spiced granola, toasted coconut, bacon lardons. Tasting menu $95
Volt, Frederick MD

This super was very tasty and I think the curried granola really made it special. It added a unique flavor and need texture to the velvety soup. I will admit that the curry flavor began to dominate everything else towards the end. A very good soup overall.

Bread roll - Volt
Bread roll.


Arrabiatta – La Biga

Arrabiatta - La Biga
Penne pasta with tomato, oil, garlic, chili pepper. €10
La Biga, Rome ITALY

This tasted fine, but I still couldn’t get over the yellow light! It just made all the food look SO unappetizing! Our server was really nice and friendly though and the experience was great overall (minus the light, lol).


Classic Philly cheesesteak – Phat Philly

Classic Philly cheesesteak - Phat Philly
Beef cheesesteak with fried onions, Cheese Whiz, and peppers.  7 inch $8.75
Phat Philly, San Francisco CA

These gut bombs at Phat Philly are my guilty pleasures. They taste great and I love that you can add peppers from their pepper bar. The Cheese Whiz definitely adds another level of amazing (and guilt), lol!