Cava brut – El Vivero

Cava brut - El Vivero
Cava Brut Rva. D.O Penedes. 4.50
El Vivero, Sitges SPAIN

This place was my favorite new discovery in Sitges. The restaurant is three levels with the main restaurant on the lower floor. It’s on the north end of town, and the only restaurant (that I’ve been to in Sitges) that’s actually on the water (on the side of a cliff actually). And the views are amazing! The place is also really fun especially during the happy hour when they have a DJ spinning. SO much fun!

Heirloom and Dirty Girl tomato salad – Tosca Cafe

Heirloom and Dirty Girl tomato salad - Tosca Cafe
Cucumber, dill-yogurt, pickled pearl onions, toasted sesame seeds. $16
Tosca Cafe, San Francisco CA

This salad was pretty tasty. It’s kinda weird that I liked the buttery croutons the best, and not the tomatoes, hehe. I’m such a crouton fiend! Really though, this salad was great and the dill yogurt was different and yummy.

Better batter and lemony Yemeni relish – Terre a Terre

Better batter and lemony Yemeni relish - Terre a Terre
Soft buttermilk soaked halloumi dipped in chip shop batter, served with vodka-spiked preserved plum tomatoes, bright fresh pea mint hash with pickled quails egg, sea salad tartar and thick chips, finished with lemony Yemeni relish. £15.85
Terre a Terre, Brighton ENGLAND

I really enjoyed this plate! I think I enjoyed the vodka-spiked tomatoes the most, lol. That just goes to show how much I love my vodka! All the components of this dish were really good though.