Sesame chicken & Basil chicken – New Ming’s Restaurant

Sesame chicken & Basil chicken - New Ming's Restaurant
With fried rice. 2-item lunch combo $7.30
New Ming’s Restaurant, San Francisco CA

Hmm, I think I chose the wrong items because this wasn’t satisfying to me. Everything was super greasy and the flavors weren’t there. Lame.


Sesame crusted tuna – Epic

Sesame crusted tuna - Epic
Served with a salad of greens, carrots, radish, and wasabi dressing. 480 PHP

This tuna salad was really good! The tuna was fresh tasting and seared perfectly on the outside while the center was still pink and tender. I also liked the presentation with the height of the salad.

Weng-weng cocktail - Epic
Weng-weng cocktail. Pitcher 580 PHP
This cocktail was surprisingly delicious and strong! We asked if they could make it less sweet than normal, and they did a great job.

Station 2 Beach
Station 2 Beach.

Dried sauteed string beans – Jasmine Tea House

Dried sauteed string beans - Jasmine Tea House
Hmm, this was greasier than I like it and also really salty from the soy sauce. I was expecting something flash sauteed in a wok and with lots of garlic or something. I didn’t know they were gonna drench it in soy sauce so I probably won’t order this again. $7.95
Jasmine Tea House, San Francisco CA

Contours in the Air sculpture

Contours in the Air sculpture, Ruth Asawa, de Young Museum.

Angry Korean wings – Wing Wings

Angry Korean wings - Wing Wings
Fried chicken wings with homemade Angry Korean sauce, green onions and sesame seeds (blue cheese 50¢). Six for $6
Wing Wings, San Francisco CA

Omg, these wings were AMAZING! I’m a huge fan of chicken wings and I’ve tried a lot of them over the years, and these Angry Korean wings are probably some of the best I’ve had. Their homemade sauce is frickin’ out of this world and believe you me, I sopped up all of it from the paper boat, lol! I also found out that they deliver – crap, this could be a problem. 😉

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Yellow angel's trumpets
Yellow angel’s trumpets (Brugmansia sp., Solanaceae), The Castro.

General Tso’s spicy boneless chicken – Red Jade

General Tso's spicy boneless chicken - Red Jade
April 20, 2015. $8.95

General Tso's spicy boneless chicken - Red Jade
Requested using only white meat chicken. $9.50
Red Jade, San Francisco CA

I love General Tso’s chicken (depending on the restaurant). It’s deep fried chicken goodness usually covered in a sweet, spicy sauce. Red Jade’s version isn’t too heavily breaded so you can still see the pieces of chicken inside, and their sauce it pretty tasty!

Sesame balls and fortune cookies - Red Jade
Sesame balls and fortune cookies. Complimentary

Teletubbies sidewalk stencil
Teletubbies sidewalk stencil with Putin(?).

Spicy chicken with ssam – K-pop

Spicy chicken with ssam - K-pop
Korean style marinated chicken mixed with onion, scallion, and sesame seeds served with vegetable wraps. $14.95
K-pop, San Francisco CA

Even though K-pop isn’t the best Korean food around and the food tends to be on the salty side, I still crave it once in a while because it’s the only Korean restaurant nearby. The flavors are great and the banchan selection is respectable, but they really need to dial the salt level down. They service is also hit or miss, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Banchan - K-pop

Banchan. Complimentary

Western beaked hazelnut
Western beaked hazelnut (Corylus cornuta var. californica, Betulaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Joule bloody mary – Joule

Joule bloody mary - Joule

Potato vodka, house made mary mix, pork belly, sesame salt. $9
Joule, San Francisco CA

This place was super cute and the service was friendly although we had a large party so our waiter was a little scarce once we got our food. My bloody mary was tasty, but the pork belly description was a bit misleading and the cocktail was fairly small.

Angie's Umbrella
Angie’s Umbrella, Jim Pridgeon and Benson Shaw, 2003, Belltown.

Steamed eggplant – Mission Chinese Food

Steamed eggplant in chili bean sauce - Mission Chinese Food
Ginger scallion vinegar, cucumber, calamansi, sesame, cilantro, salted chili. $6
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco CA

Eh, I wasn’t really impressed with this dish. I generally love everything I’ve order from MCF, but this lacked the usual flavor I enjoy from their food.

Orange aloe flowers
Orange aloe flowers (Xanthorrhoeaceae), West Field Road.

Spicy ahi tempura roll – Matchbox Palm Springs

Spicy ahi tempura roll - Matchbox Palm Springs
Ahi tuna, ginger, garlic, nori, sticky rice, black sesame, wasabi sauce. Happy hour $11
Matchbox Palm Springs, Palm Springs CA

Hmm, this wasn’t very good. It was too salty and the tempura coating was rock hard! I was actually surprised by this because most tempura rolls have a tendency to get soggy. That was not the case here – that coating was tough to chew through. The roll had no finesse and just ended up being a salty gut bomb.

Spicy pork with ssam – K-pop

Spicy pork with ssam - K-pop
Korean style marinated pork mixed with onion, scallion, and sesame seeds served with vegetable wraps. $14.95
K-pop, San Francisco CA

I didn’t realize this dish was going to be SO paleo-friendly when I ordered it, but it was a nice bonus! The flavors were good but this thing was WAY too salty! Geez, I could barely eat it after a while. Too bad because It looked and smelled amazing.

Ban chan - K-pop
Ban chan. Complimentary
Mmm, I love ban chan and seven different kinds is decent at this price point.

Place setting - K-pop
Place setting.