Epic caesar salad – Epic

Epic caesar salad - Epic
Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, bacon, hard-boiled eggs and croutons, creamy parmesan dressing on the side. 265 PHP

Mmm, this salad was really tasty! The ingredients were of good quality and I liked how neatly it was presented for a salad. The thick shavings of parmesan cheese were great on top.

Weng-weng cocktail - Epic
Weng-weng cocktail. Pitcher 580 PHP

Koi pond
Koi pond, Boracay Regency.

Hainanese chicken – Epic

Hainanese chicken - Epic
Half chicken cooked Hainan-style, served with chicken rice, broth, ginger sauce and sambal. 450 PHP

This dish was really good! I don’t think it was that authentic because it didn’t have that beautiful yellow color that most Hainan chicken dishes have, but it was no less tasty. I liked the presentation and the separate bowls of chicken broth. This dish was definitely great for sharing.

Chicken broth - Epic
Chicken broth, ginger sauce and sambal.

Large beach lamp
Large beach lamp, Station 2/3 Beach.

Sesame crusted tuna – Epic

Sesame crusted tuna - Epic
Served with a salad of greens, carrots, radish, and wasabi dressing. 480 PHP

This tuna salad was really good! The tuna was fresh tasting and seared perfectly on the outside while the center was still pink and tender. I also liked the presentation with the height of the salad.

Weng-weng cocktail - Epic
Weng-weng cocktail. Pitcher 580 PHP
This cocktail was surprisingly delicious and strong! We asked if they could make it less sweet than normal, and they did a great job.

Station 2 Beach
Station 2 Beach.

Gambas – Epic

Gambas - Epic
Tiger prawns cooked in olive oil, garlic, chorizo and white wine. 480 PHP

Wow, this was our first meal in Boracay and it was an awesome choice! These gambas were delicious and super tender. I loved the chorizo sauce and dumped most of my garlic rice in there to soak it all up. I also like the flatware and presentation. Welcome to Boracay!

Garlic rice - Epic
Garlic rice.

Boracay from the airplane
Boracay from the airplane!