Grilled Monterrey squid – Petit Crenn

Grilled Monterrey squid - Petit Crenn
Tasting menu $87
Petit Crenn, San Francisco CA

Omg, these grilled squid were delicious! I loved the sauce and the portion was general for a tasting menu. The tentacles are my favorite so I’m glad that they were included! 🙂


Voodoo pasta – Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co.

Voodoo pasta - Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co.
Blackened chicken, gulf shrimp, mixed peppers, fettuccine, spicy cajun cream sauce. $16
Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co., Memphis TN

I liked this pasta, but I thought that there should’ve been more of the cream sauce. The pasta felt a little dry. I liked the rich flavor of the sauce. The chicken was good, but the shrimp was overcooked.