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Mole poblano pollo tacos – The Castro Republic

Mole poblano pollo tacos - The Castro Republic
Grilled chicken in mole poblano sauce with pickled onions, jalapeno, and ajonjoli. Taco Wednesday, each $2
The Castro Republic, San Francisco CA

These were small, but very tasty and flavorful. I liked the mole sauce, and the chicken was pretty tender. And for two buck each – yay!!!

The Cuban sandwich – Barndiva

The Cuban sandwich - Barndiva
Sliced Hobbs applewood smoked ham, swiss, pepperoncini relish, heirloom beets, and frites. $17
Barndiva, Healdsburg CA

This sandwich was pretty big, and it had a lot of flavor. I liked the pepperoncini relish, and of course the beets and frites were super tasty. I wish the bread was toasted though, or that the entire sandwich was pressed.

Croqueta – Bellota

Croqueta - Bellota
Creamy clam and sea urchin fritter, pickled ramp, seaweed powder. $15
Bellota, San Francisco CA

These may have been small, but they were wonderful! The interior was so creamy and delicious, and they were fried perfectly. I can’t say I’ve ever had a clam and sea urchin croqueta, but my goodness it was tasty! I could eat an entire tray of these perfect morsels.

Dos carnes – Los Schucos Latin Hot Dogs

Dos carnes - Los Schucos Latin Hot Dogs
Sliced Spanish chorizo and all-beef frank, repollo, avocado, mayo maya and mustard. $7.95
Los Schucos Latin Hot Dogs, San Francisco CA

Omg, this was HUGE! I don’t know how one person could comfortably eat this thing. It was really good though. I loved the two different meats and it tasted great with all the condiments.

Beef corn dogs – Urban Putt

Beef corn dogs - Urban Putt
Urban Putt, San Francisco CA

Ugh, what a disappointment! These were REALLY greasy and off tasting. They pretty much tasted like burnt oil or perhaps their frying oil was super old or something. I didn’t like these at all. And even the mustard dip was overly bitter. #foodfail

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