Herbed scramble – Odettes Eatery

Herbed scramble - Odettes Eatery
Halloumi, broccolini, date chutney, Midnight Baker bread. $20 NZD
Odettes Eatery, Auckland NZ

Mmm, this scramble was really delicious and I liked the fluffy texture of it. The halloumi cheese was good too, but maybe there was a bit too much of it.

Cucumber Fizz cocktail - Odettes Eatery
Cucumber Fizz: prosecco, elderflower, apple. $16 NZD


Honey granola – Odettes Eatery

Honey granola - Odettes Eatery
Summer fruits, labneh, cashew praline. $18 NZD
Odettes Eatery, Auckland NZ

This granola was really delicious. The yogurt was pretty thick so we had to add a bit of milk to thin it out. I loved all the different flavors and textures of all the toppings though. Yum!

Bloody Mary - Odettes Eatery
Bloody Mary: vodka, tomato, pickle, berbere. $16 NZD

Granola and yoghurt – Cassava

Granola and yoghurt - Cassava
House made steel cut oats granola, house made yoghurt, summer fruits. $7
Cassava, San Francisco CA

This was pretty tasty, but honestly, there wasn’t enough food! We were SO hungry after having our tiny brunch here that we had to go to get dumplings down the street! I’m not a huge eater, so that says a lot about how small the portions are here. I can definitely eat, but I eat in small portions. Cassava’s portion were even too small for me!

Coffee - Cassava
Coffee with cream and brown sugar.

Sidewalk parklet
Sidewalk parklet, Valencia corridor.

Lamb chops – Beretta

Lamb chops - Beretta
With arugula and organic yogurt. $15
Beretta, San Francisco CA

Wow, these lamb chops were SO good! They were perfectly cooked, tender with a great lamb flavor. The lightly dressed arugula helped to cut the rich fattiness of the lamb, and the yogurt with basil chiffonade was a good flavor neutralizer. Noms!

Bart station art installation
Bart station art installation with avian and floral theme, 16th Street Station.

Banana and honey yogurt parfait – Starbucks

Banana and honey yogurt parfait - Starbucks

Creamy yogurt with banana, honey and toasted granola. $4.99
Starbucks, Palm Springs International Airport (PSP)

This is definitely one of those things that makes way more fiscal sense to make at home, but I was starving after my flight so I had to get it, hehe! With full sugar and full fat, yes, it was yummy. 🙂

Red/orange/yellow lantana flowers (Lantana camara, Verbenaceae). It’s always bright in sunny in the backyard at the Palm Springs house.

Kassem’s Plate with chicken – Ali Baba

Kassem's Plate with chicken - Ali Baba
Chicken shawerma with pickled onions and parsley, served with rice and choice of salad. $10.35
Ali Baba, South San Francisco CA

The chicken in this dish was dry, which was an unfortunate theme. I really liked the rice though! It had lentils in it which gave it a great texture. A pretty good value if that’s what you’re looking for.

Yogurt cucumber salatat - Ali Baba
Yogurt cucumber salatat (diced cucumber salad with yogurt and mint). This was pretty tasty, but maybe a little too yogurt-y. It did help balance out the dry chicken though.

Ali Baba street sign

Ali Baba street sign. This is definitely a destination restaurant since there’s not much around it.

Panda "bear" sidewalk stencil
Panda “bear” sidewalk stencil, San Francisco Bay Trail. Aw, isn’t he cute?!

Lamb seekh kabab – Curry Boyzz

Marinated ground lamb cooked in a clay oven. Served with onions, lettuce with yogurt sauce, tomato, and lemon. $3.99
Curry Boyzz, San Francisco CA

I was surprised how small this was when it arrived at the table, but it was actually very filling especially with the veggies. I just took pieces of the lamb shish kebab and wrapped them in roti with some of the veggies. The lamb was dry so I wish they had given a side of raita to add some moisture.

Purple-pink geranium flowers (Pelargonium sp., Geraniaceae), Mission Dolores. I walk by the Mission Dolores every work day when I’m heading to the gym from 16th Street Station Bart. I never really noticed how pretty they’ve kept the small side lawn.

Strawberry shortcake petite – Starbucks

Strawberry shortcake petite - Starbucks
A vibrant fruity strawberry shortcake topped with yogurt and strawberry pieces. 207 calories, 6.3 g sat fat. Buy 3 or more, Eat in £1.20 each
Starbucks, London ENGLAND

It’s a little bit odd that Starbucks in England charges you more if you’re going to eat the food in store. I guess we’re just not used to that in the States. It’s usually built into the price already. This bar was, again, super sweet! Probably my least favorite of the bars I tried.

London Eye, Millennium Wheel, River Thames
London Eye, Millennium Wheel, River Thames. This is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and the tallest structure in London. It’s a bit of an eyesore but I think it’s pretty cool anyway. I snapped this pic from the Hungerford Bridge and you can see the Palace of Westminster on the right bank of the river.

Manti – Tuba Restaurant and Grill

Manti - Tuba Restaurant and Grill
Stuffed beef dumplings topped with yogurt, red pepper flakes, sumac and dried mint. $16
Tuba Restaurant and Grill, San Francisco CA

These beef dumplings were so cute and small. They were dense and delicious and the yogurt sauce was flavorful! I would definitely order these again.

Orange African daisy (Arctotis sp., Asteraceae)
Orange African daisy (Arctotis sp., Asteraceae), Dolores Street. My street is full of beautiful blooms!