Very berry sundae – Costco

Very berry sundae - Costco

Vanilla nonfat yogurt with a mixed berry sauce. $1.65
Costco, South San Francisco CA

This always hits the spot when I’m craving a cold, sweet treat. I’ve noticed that the yogurt melts really quickly though, so you have to scarf it down quickly!

Cream yogurt sherbet – The French Laundry

Cream yogurt sherbet - The French Laundry
Toasted oats, pomegranate, Oxalis and Osmanthus “nuage”. Chef’s Tasting Menu $270
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

Cream yogurt sherbet - The French Laundry
Ah, this was SO refreshing! I really liked the cream yogurt sherbet with the tart pomegranate arils and the crunchy oats. I don’t know what Osmanthus is supposed to taste like, but the “cloud” was cute enough.

Cream yogurt sherbet - The French Laundry
All done!

Moulard duck “foie gras en terrine” – The French Laundry

Moulard duck "foie gras en terrine" - The French Laundry
Celery branch, cara cara orange, juniper yogurt, almond sable and red ribbon sorrel. Chef’s Tasting Menu $270 + $30 supplement
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

Moulard duck "foie gras en terrine" - The French Laundry
Another beautifully plated dish! I love the soft, pale colors on the plate from the cara cara (red navel) orange wedges to the pink foie terrine and green sorrel. For a tasting menu, the terrine portion was generous but I did my duty and ate it ALL up, lol!

Warm brioche - The French Laundry
Warm brioche. This was kinda cool – I was finishing the first half of the thick brioche when a server came up behind me and replaced the remaining half with a new, warm slice. Fresh and warm is best for this dish!

Trio of salts - The French Laundry
Trio of salts. Pretty and tasty! You could definitely taste a difference between the salts.

Samosa and mango lassi – Curry Up Now

At the food truck, you can add a samosa + mango lassi combo for $4.
Curry Up Now, Brisbane CA

Samosa Curry Up Now

Yes, the outside was a little greasy, but this deep fried morsel was delicious! I’m not completely sure what was in it, but I think it was spiced potatoes, onions, garbanzo beans.

Samosa Curry Up Now

Papa Chang called these samosas “starch balls”. He was right…

Mango lassi Curry Up Now

The mango lassi (yogurt-based drink) was creamy with a little tartness. I put a little of the yogurt sauce in it. Very refreshing!

Kati rolls – Kasa Indian Eatery

Kati rolls Kasa Indian Eatery

Classic Indian street food. A flaky, buttery roti (handmade bread) wrapped around your choice of filling, with marinated onions and chutney. Served with raita (yogurt). $4.50 each
Kasa Indian Eatery, San Francisco

The food at Kasa is very comforting to me. Everything packs a punch of flavor, it fast, convenient, and relatively inexpensive. I’ve loved their kati rolls since the first time I tried them. The buttery roti is amazing and the fillings are SO tasty. I always get mine with extra hot sauce in the roll and extra raita on the side. The perfect amount is one and a half rolls! One roll is too little and two is too much. Darn, hehe!

When I took this pics, I was on my way to meet Hubbs for drinks. It was dark outside and I sat at the side counter where they have these yellow lights beaming down on you. The walls are also painted yellow so parts of the restaurant are just saturated in yellow. It made for some interesting pics.

Chicken tikka masala kati roll Kasa Indian Eatery

Chicken tikka masala filling. Char-grilled and marinated naturally raised chicken in a spicy, creamy tomato sauce.

Lamb curry kati roll Kati Indian Eatery

Lamb curry filling. Saucy grass-fed lamb and potatoes.