Chilli methi keemar thali – The Chilli Pickle

Chilli methi keemar thali - The Chilli Pickle
Mutton shoulder mince Punjabi curry with red chilli, fenugreek leaf, and garam masala. Thali served with rice, butter naan, dhokla, snacks, dal of the day, shorba, raita, pickle, chutney, and a dessert. Railway Thali £14.95
The Chilli Pickle, Brighton ENGLAND

OMG, this was SO much food, and it was really delicious (and a great value)! The lamb curry was frickin’ amazing too – rich and dark, and super flavorful. I liked most of the accompaniments (especially the daal of the day), but the two creamy ones had a weird texture for me. If I had known that the thali had so much food, I wouldn’t have ordered appetizers. Noms!

Butter naan - The Chilli Pickle
Butter naan.

Pani puri – The Chilli Pickle

Pani puri - The Chilli Pickle
Mini crispy puri shells with hot and sour tamarind pepper water, herb chutney and chickpea salad. £6.75
The Chilli Pickle, Brighton ENGLAND

Again, something I’ve never had before. These were so fun to eat – filling the puri shells with the flavored water and different sauce, then popping them in your mouth. It was a burst of flavors and textures! Noms!

Chana masala & chicken tikka masala thali plate – Kasa Indian Eatery

Chana masala & chicken tikka masala thali plate - Kasa Indian Eatery
Chick peas in spiced tomato sauce. Char-grilled and marinated naturally-raised chicken in a spicy, creamy tomato sauce. Homestyle Indian platter with roti (handmade bread), slow-simmered daal (lentils), rice, veggie salad, chutneys and raita (yogurt). $11.95
Kasa Indian Eatery, San Francisco CA

Ugh, I don’t know why I also order the Thali plate. It’s SO much food! It is delicious though and satisfies my craving for flavorful Indian food. Mmm…

Lamb keema mattar masala – Mehfil Indian Cuisine

Lamb keema mattar masala - Mehfil Indian Cuisine
Ground lamb and peas over steamed rice. Lunch box $6
Mehfil Indian Cuisine, San Francisco CA

They don’t usual have this item for their lunch box special so I thought I’d try it out. It tasted pretty good and I’m hoping that it was one of the healthier items. It didn’t seem very fatty and the ground lamb didn’t feel fatty.