Veal – Tordomatto

Veal - Tordomatto
Batterave and sorel. “Tradition” tasting menu €65
Tordomatto, Rome ITALY

I loved how they made the vegetable (beet?) look like a hollow bone with marrow. The veal was tender and delicious. I only wish that it had a little sear on it for more texture.

Gnocchi di patate all’Amatriciana – Trattoria Sora Lella

Gnocchi di patate all'Amatriciana - Trattoria Sora Lella
Homemade gnocchi in a classic Roman sauce with cured pig’s cheek, tomatoes and Roman pecorino. €15
Trattoria Sora Lella, Rome ITALY

These potato gnocchi were just lovely! They were fluffy enough and the sauce was killer with the pork cheeks. SO tasty!!!

Rabbit cacciatora – Tordomatto

Rabbit cacciatora - Tordomatto
“Tradition” tasting menu €65
Tordomatto, Rome ITALY

Omg, the dishes just kept getting better and better. This rabbit cacciatora was simply divine. The rabbit meat was so juicy and succulent and the sauce was to die for. These are the times when I love eating!

Amuse bouche - Tordomatto
Amuse bouche. I didn’t much care for the “olive” bite in the background.

Ma po silken tofu – Mister Jiu’s

Ma po silken tofu - Mister Jiu's
With ground pork, chilies, green onion. $16
Mister Jiu’s, San Francisco CA

I think Mission Chinese Food got me into loving mapo tofu because have such a spicy and flavorful version. This version at Mister Jiu’s wasn’t nearly as spicy, but it was flavorful in its own right. I love the fine texture of the dish, and it tasted great over rice.

Buttermilk fried chicken – Harvey’s

Buttermilk fried chicken - Harvey's
Deep fried boneless chicken breasts, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and country gravy. $13.95
Harvey’s, San Francisco CA

I actually thought that this was good (which is surprising because I’m not a fan of Harvey’s). The chicken was moist, tasty, and not greasy. And the mashed potatoes were good. I thought the coleslaw was just mediocre, but I was surprised that I liked everything else quite a lot!