Spicy fried chicken sandwich – The Bird

Spicy fried chicken sandwich - The Bird
Celery-Fiji apple slaw, mayo, pickle, bun. $8
The Bird, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I’m still loving this chicken sandwich even after The Bird has been open for a while. The fried chicken thigh is so juicy, tender, and flavorful so I’m sure I’m not going to get tired of it any time soon!


Classic fried chicken sandwich – The Bird

Classic fried chicken sandwich - The Bird
Celery-Fiji apple slaw, mayo, pickle, bun. $8
The Bird, San Francisco CA

I haven’t quite decided whether I like their classic or spicy fried chicken sandwich better. They’re both super tasty, but I guess it’s just what I’m feeling for at the time. I always douse them in their homemade sriracha anyway, so it always adds a bit of heat anyway. Mmm, SO good!

Buttermilk fried chicken – Harvey’s

Buttermilk fried chicken - Harvey's
Deep fried boneless chicken breasts, cole slaw, mashed potatoes, and country gravy. $13.95
Harvey’s, San Francisco CA

I actually thought that this was good (which is surprising because I’m not a fan of Harvey’s). The chicken was moist, tasty, and not greasy. And the mashed potatoes were good. I thought the coleslaw was just mediocre, but I was surprised that I liked everything else quite a lot!

The Coup signature sandwich – The Organic Coup

The Coup signature sandwich - The Organic Coup
Mary’s organic air-chilled chicken cooked in organic refined coconut oil organic spicy veggies on a toasted organic artisan bun with spicy bbq ranch. $9.99
The Organic Coup, San Francisco CA

Hmm, I liked that this sandwich (and restaurant) was all organic, but the chicken was kinda dry! The flavors were good enough but I couldn’t get past the over-cooked chicken.

Spicy fried chicken sandwich – The Bird

Spicy fried chicken sandwich - The Bird
Celery-Fiji apple slaw, mayo, pickle, bun. $8
The Bird, San Francisco CA

This was from the first week they were open. Omg, I loved this chicken sandwich. They use chicken thighs and their spicy seasoning is SO tasty! The chicken is perfectly fried and super juicy. I also loved their apple slaw in combination with the pickles and their soft toasted bun. They also have homemade sriracha sauce to add even more flavor with each bite. I’m definitely coming here often for lunch at work!

Fried chicken lunch entree – Proposition Chicken

Fried chicken lunch entree - Proposition Chicken
3 pieces rosemary-lemon brined fried chicken with herb crust. Served with buttermilk biscuit, honey butter, and spicy slaw. $12.75
Proposition Chicken, San Francisco CA

I thought the fried chicken tasted great, but it was definitely on the greasy side. I really liked the crumbly biscuit though when doused with additional honey.

Fried chicken – Ovok

Fried chicken - Ovok
Mashed potatoes with mushroom bacon pan sauce, steamed broccoli, extra side of gravy. $13.95
Ovok, San Francisco CA

This was kinda gross. Everything was just so heavy and greasy. I mean, look at the side of gravy! There’s a thick layer of fat just floating on top. The mashed potatoes were really dense clunky and even the broccoli was greasy. The fried chicken tasted good, but it was also pretty greasy. Yuck. You certainly get a lot of food though! Too bad you really don’t want to eat most of it.

Garlic chicken – Bbobbo Chicken & Beer

Garlic chicken - Bbobbo Chicken & Beer
Bbobbo Chicken & Beer, Seoul SOUTH KOREA

This was different. The chicken was good, but the garlic paste that it was brushed with had an interesting texture. The chicken was also crudely chopped so most pieces were primarily bone. That really didn’t stop me though since I’m not afraid to get down and dirty and eat with my hands. Perhaps I should have order chicken wings though, lol!

Hite beer - Bbobbo Chicken & Beer
Hite beer. ₩4,000

Popcorn - Bbobbo Chicken & Beer
Popcorn. Complimentary

Pickled radish - Bbobbo Chicken & Beer
Pickled radish(?). Complimentary

WhipOut slider & Fried chicken pups – WhipOut! Food Truck

WhipOut slider & Fried chicken pups - WhipOut! Food Truck
Beef burger with 4 oz ground chuck, truck-smoked cheddar, dill pickle, signature sauce, pickled red onion, romaine. $6.50
Bite-sized truck-smoked thigh pieces, buttermilk battered, bbq dipping sauce. $5.50
WhipOut! Food Truck, San Francisco CA

I liked the flavors of the slider but it was sitting in a pool of grease that completely soaked into the bottom bun, boo! I’m not sure if the grease was from the chicken pups or from the beef patty and cheese but it was gross! The top bun was also too thick for the small size of the slider. The fried chicken pups weren’t very good either. They were REALLY greasy and over-fried. They were really hard to chew and super salty! Overall, this was a failed lunch.

WhipOut! Food Truck
WhipOut! Food Truck.

Mama’s fried chicken and cornbread waffle – Mama Knows

Mama's fried chicken and cornbread waffle - Mama Knows
Three pieces buttermilk brined crispy fried chicken, jalapeno-cheddar cornbread waffle topped with rosemary honey butter. $16
Mama Knows, San Francisco CA

The fried tasted good. It was greasy, but it had a nice flavor. I was excited for the waffle, but it didn’t deliver. I liked the ingredients, but it came out sad and limp.

Northbound I-5
Northbound I-5.