Sugar Creek pale ale – A Taste of Carolina

Sugar Creek pale ale - A Taste of Carolina
Sugar Creek Brewing Co. in Charlotte.
A Taste of Carolina, Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

Was at the airport and had to try a local beer. This was pretty good, and was served nice and cold!


Hot chicken and waffles – Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Hot chicken and waffles - Hattie B's Hot Chicken
Small white with breast and wing, syrup, fruit cup, side of macaroni and cheese. $11.50
Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Nashville TN

This hot chicken was really great, and you could actually really taste and feel the heat! I didn’t mind the wait since it was actually kinda fun. The mac and cheese was also really gooey and awesome, NOMS!

Pale ale beer - Hattie B's Hot Chicken
Pale ale. I waited in line forever, but it was nice that you could go inside and get a beer to ease the wait, hehe! I actually met a great group of people in line and we just chatted the entire time. 🙂

Wood oven shrimp – Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co.

Wood oven shrimp - Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co.
Jumbo shrimp in spicy sauce with fresh herbs, garlic, butter, and Creole seasonings. Served with French bread. $13
Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co., Memphis TN

I liked this dish. The shrimp were a bit overcooked, but the sauce was SO tasty! It almost tasted like garlic shrimp tapas. Yum!

Boscos Golden Ale - Boscos Restaurant & Brewing Co.
Boscos Golden Ale. $5.50

Wiseacre Tiny Bomb pilsner – Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Wiseacre Tiny Bomb pilsner - Flying Saucer Draught Emporium
16 oz. $5.25
Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Memphis TN

This place is huge, but there weren’t many people there when we arrive late on a Sunday night. It looked pretty empty. They have a very extensive beer selection so it was really cool. I opted for a local beer and it was very tasty.

The Signature beer flight – Niagara Brewing Company

The Signature beer flight - Niagara Brewing Company
Honeymoon Peach Radler, Niagara Premium Lager, Amber Eh!, and Beerdevil IPA. $8.10
Niagara Brewing Company, Niagara Falls CANADA

This was a really tasty flight! I liked the variety that gave, and all the beers tasted distinctively different. I’d say the Honeymoon Peach Radler was my favorite, but that comes as no surprise since I often like fruit or citrus flavors in my beer.

Nubs famous crab cakes – L.P. Steamers

Nubs famous crab cakes - L.P. Steamers
Made fresh daily. 5 oz crab cake served with potato chips, tartar sauce and crackers. $15
L.P. Steamers, Baltimore MD

Mmm, this crab cakes was SO delicious! It was mostly crab with very little filler, and it was fried perfectly. It was very moist and not greasy. I could have done without the potato chips (maybe that’s a local thing).

National Bohemian 'Natty Boh' beer - L.P. Steamers
National Bohemian ‘Natty Boh’ beer. When in Baltimore, gotta have some Natty Boh! 🙂