Pre-boarding snacks – United Club

Pre-boarding snacks - United Club
Chinese donut balls, raisin bread, bloody mary, Coors light beer. Complimentary
United Club, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

This was the first time I’ve seen Chinese donut balls at a United Club. They definitely weren’t authentic – they were really just regular donut balls, but at least they tried to be fancy with the nomenclature, lol!

Hop cured monkfish – Thirsty Bear

Hop cured monkfish - Thirsty Bear
Monkfish tail, Cascade hop cure, Calabrian chiles, toasted garlic, olives. Paired with Howard St. IPA. Restaurant week dinner $40
Thirsty Bear, San Francisco CA

This wasn’t my favorite. The cured monkfish was too dry and salty for my taste. Add the olives and things just got even saltier. Thank goodness for the beer to help wash it down!