Good Chit pilsner – Rogue Ales & Spirits

Good Chit pilsner - Rogue Ales & Spirits
Pint $7
Rogue Ales & Spirits, Portland OR

This pilsner was clean and bright, and was a great drink to relax with on a sunny farmers market weekend in Portland.


The Signature beer flight – Niagara Brewing Company

The Signature beer flight - Niagara Brewing Company
Honeymoon Peach Radler, Niagara Premium Lager, Amber Eh!, and Beerdevil IPA. $8.10
Niagara Brewing Company, Niagara Falls CANADA

This was a really tasty flight! I liked the variety that gave, and all the beers tasted distinctively different. I’d say the Honeymoon Peach Radler was my favorite, but that comes as no surprise since I often like fruit or citrus flavors in my beer.

Pan-seared crab cake – Arnies Restaurant

Pan-seared crab cake - Arnies Restaurant
Mustard-fennel aioli, fresh apple and fennel slaw. Happy hour $11.755
Arnies Restaurant, Edmonds WA

This was good, but the crab cake was kinda small and it look pretty lonely on that big plate. (Who would eat that much aioli with a single, tiny crab cake anyway?) The apple fennel slaw was nice and refreshing though.