Fried shrimp – Farmers Fishers Bakers

Fried shrimp - Farmers Fishers Bakers
Cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. Brunch buffet $29.99
Farmers Fishers Bakers, Washington DC

These were a pretty good start to brunch. Some of the pieces were a bit over-fried and dry, but I can’t deny a fried shrimp! 🙂


Eric’s spicy eggplant – Eric’s Restaurant

Eric's spicy eggplant - Eric's Restaurant
Eggplant with chicken, shrimp, red bell pepper, and basil in a special spicy sauce. $11.95
Eric’s Restaurant, San Francisco CA

The price has gone up since last time, but only slightly. I still really like this dish from Eric’s. There’s a good variety of flavors and the sauce is tasty. It could be a bit spicier though since it’s advertised that way.