Japanese rice bowl – Bamboo Asia

Japanese rice bowl - Bamboo Asia
Tuna and hamachi with fried eggplant, cucumber, tamago, pickled ginger, jalapenos. $11
Bamboo Asia, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love the Japanese bowls at Bamboo Asia. The fish are usually pretty fresh and they have a good selection of toppings and sauces.


Poke bowl – Poke Delish

Poke bowl - Poke Delish
Johnny yaki tuna, soy sesame salmon, and shrimp with various toppings and sauces. $12.95
Poke Delish, San Francisco CA

This poke bowl was pretty tasty! I like that you can choose any and all of their toppings and sauces which is nice since the bowl isn’t that cheap to begin with.

Japanese rice bowl – Bamboo Asia

Japanese rice bowl - Bamboo Asia
Salmon, unagi, tamago, edamame, avocado. $10.82
Bamboo Asia, San Francisco CA

The Japanese rice bowls here are a great, healthy lunch option in the FiDi. The fish is actually pretty decent and I like the topping options.


Poke bowl – I’a Poke

Poke bowl - I'a Poke
Four scoops of protein over white rice, surimi crab meat, edamame, pickled ginger, jalapenos, cucumber, masago, seaweed, tomago. furikake, lemon. Large $12.95
I’a Poke, San Francisco CA

This poke bowl was really good and they had a nice variety of poke and toppings to choose from. I’ll definitely be back!


Wood fire-grilled trout – Petit Crenn

Wood fire-grilled trout - Petit Crenn
Sauce vierge. Tasting menu $87
Petit Crenn, San Francisco CA

This trout was perfectly prepared and very tender. I also loved the sauce vierge and all the fresh herbs on top.


Skate fish of the day – Le Pigeon

Skate fish of the day - Le Pigeon
5 course tasting menu $85
Le Pigeon, Portland OR

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had skate, but this was prepared well. I will say that the dish was very salty so it was difficult to eat the entire thing. This was probably my least favorite dish of the meal.


Black sea bass – Pineapple & Pearls

Black sea bass - Pineapple & Pearls
Salsify, beurre rouge. Bar seating $180
Pineapple & Pearls, Washington DC

What a wonderful piece of fish! I loved the sear on the fish and it paired perfectly with the pureed salsify and beurre rouge. Mmm…