Japanese rice bowl – Bamboo Asia

Japanese rice bowl - Bamboo Asia
Tuna and hamachi with fried eggplant, cucumber, tamago, pickled ginger, jalapenos. $11
Bamboo Asia, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love the Japanese bowls at Bamboo Asia. The fish are usually pretty fresh and they have a good selection of toppings and sauces.

Grilled Hokkaido scallops – Tokyo Go-Go

Grilled Hokkaido scallops Tokyo Go-Go

With citrus soy butter sauce, tobiko, and wasabi oil.  $14
Tokyo Go-Go, San Francisco

This was such a beautiful dish!  It’s hard to see the grilled scallops beneath all that foamy sauce and tobiko, but it’s there and it’s delicious!  A bit on the small side, but you do get five them.  I’m not sure what the leafy green garnish was, but like most random garnishes, it neither added nor detracted from the overall flavor.  I did like the pop of green, though.  I also wish I could have tasted the wasabi oil more because that would’ve added a nice punch to everything.  The scallops were cooked perfectly and had such a soft buttery texture.  A winning dish!

Azteca roll – Tokyo Go-Go

Azteca roll Tokya Go Go

Spicy crab, cucumber, avocado, gobo, lightly seared suzuki, sliced chiles, chili aioli, tobiko, and scallions.  $14.25
Tokyo Go-Go, San Francisco

Wow, this roll was frickin’ amazing!  I loved the heat from all the spicy components, and it looked pretty cool too.  I thought I would experience Montezuma’s revenge afterward, but I didn’t – hehe!  The lightly seared sea bass tasted great and had a great texture.  The chili aioli was so flavorful and I loved the pale yellow color of it.  The sliced chiles added extra heat and flavor.  Not sure I could really distinguished the gobo (burdock root), but I actually didn’t know what it was when I ordered the roll.  I will definitely order this delicious roll again!

Azteca roll Tokyo Go Go

Rock ‘n Roll – Crazy Sushi

Rock n roll Crazy Sushi

Sushi roll with bbq eel, avocado, and topped with tobiko and unagi sauce.
Crazy Sushi, San Francisco

Like most people, when I first started eating sushi I tended to stick with the rolls containing cooked items like rock ‘n rolls and California rolls because they were easier to stomach than the crazy, raw nigiri or sashimi (it doesn’t even have rice!).  And I continue to say, “There’s nothing wrong with that.”  I still enjoy ordering rock ‘n rolls because I simply love unagi!  I also order unagi nigiri because bbq eel is delicious and the unagi sauce is an added bonus.  I’ve since become more adventurous in sushi land – ordering more and more raw items, but I still take comfort and enjoy my inauthentic rolls.  A word of advice: Nobody likes a sushi snob!

Rock n roll Crazy Sushi