Popover – The Rotunda

Popover - The Rotunda
Served with strawberry butter. Complimentary
The Rotunda, San Francisco CA

Popover - The Rotunda
Mmm, these were SO good! I loved the airy, eggy interior especially with the subtle strawberry butter spread all over. I thought that the exterior was a little overdone and almost burnt tasting, but maybe it was just the one I got. I would have requested a second but I didn’t want to seem like a pig, lol!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010

The beautiful glass ceiling at The Rotunda
The beautiful glass ceiling at The Rotunda over the holidays.


Omelet with cheese – Pink Tulip Hotel

Omelet with cheese - Pink Tulip Hotel
Served with bread. 35,000 VND
Pink Tulip Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

So this is what Vietnam considers an omelet. OK, I can live with it. The omelet tasted pretty good, but I’m not quite sure what kind of cheese this was. It looked and tasted like Kraft American cheese singles.

Crusty bread - Pink Tulip Hotel
Amazing crusty bread. Ugh, the bread here was SO good. The exterior was flaky and crunchy, and the interior was light and airy. I didn’t want to eat SO many carbs during the trip, but I HAD to eat an entire loaf every morning. 🙂

Butter and jam - Pink Tulip Hotel
Butter and strawberry jam.

Pink Tulip Hotel
Street view from our hotel.

Herb butter roasted lamb loin – Luce

Herb butter roasted lamb loin - Luce
Broccoli di ciccio, pluot, brown butter. Tasting menu $95
Luce, San Francisco CA

This was a miss for me. The flavors were there, but the texture of the lamb loin was really rubbery and squishy at the same time. It was off-putting and kind of ruined the rest of the great components on the plate. 😦

Blue trumpet vine

Blue trumpet vine (Thunbergia laurifolia, Acanthaceae), Kentfield.

Salted butter chocolate chip cookie – Flour Craft Bakery

Salted butter chocolate chip cookie - Flour Craft Bakery
I haven’t had a lot of gluten free cookies yet, but I enjoyed this one. My constant fear for gluten free cookies is that’ll be too dry or have a weird aftertaste. This cookies was still very moist and tasted great! $1.75
Flour Craft Bakery, San Anselmo CA

Shortbread cookie - Flour Craft Bakery
Shortbread cookie. Complimentary
Pretty tasty and free with purchase!

Powder-puff pincushion cactus

Powder-puff pincushion cactus (Mammillaria bocasana var. multilanata, Cactaceae), Kentfield.

Assorted pastries – Honore Artisan Bakery

Assorted pastries - Honore Artisan Bakery
(Clockwise) Butter croissant, rhubarb danish, onion gruyere thyme pastries, kouign amanns, gougeres, pear tartlettes.
Honore Artisan Bakery, Seattle WA

Omg, this box was heaven! I tried a little bit of everything and each seemed tastier than the previous. I don’t think I could choose a favorite; they were all good. What a marvelous bakery with delicious creations for us common folk!

Sunset on the Puget Sound
Approaching sunset on the Puget Sound, West Seattle.

Cracked whole dungeness crab – Fishermen’s Grotto

Cracked whole dungeness crab - Fishermen's Grotto
Steamed and served with cocktail sauce and melted butter. $34.95
Fishermen’s Grotto, San Francisco CA

I love dungeness crab and this plate was surprisingly good! I’m always weary of the touristy restaurants on the Wharf but this crab was very tasty and fresh, and a great value.

Crab meat extracting utensils - Fishermen's Grotto
Crab meat extracting utensils.

Chardonnay - Fishermen's Grotto

House chardonnay. $7

Yellow Dyckia flowers
Yellow Dyckia flowers (Bromeliaceae), West Field Road.

Soft shell crab with garlic noodles – Zadin

Soft shell crab with garlic noodles - Zadin
Fried soft-shell crab served on a bed of sauteed noodles tossed with soy garlic sauce, egg, and butter. Garnished with a wedge of lime and cilantro. $20
Zadin, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this had SO much flavor! The lime and cilantro were a great touch to bring it back to the Asian side of things. I love soft shell crab! 🙂

Kings Ridge pinot noir 2009

Pinot Noir, Kings Ridge, Oregon, 2009. Bottle $32
Alluring aromas of rose petal with spicy red fruits, black cherry cola and earth. Soft and elegant style.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Petite assiette – Le Pichet

Petite assiette - Le Pichet
Half size charcuterie plate with 3 items, served with cornichons. I chose Zoe’s Meats salami (air dried pork salami made in Seattle), jambon cru serrano (air cured ham from the Spanish Pyrenees), and pate albigeois (country-stly pork pate). $7
Le Pichet, Seattle WA

Mmm, I love charcuterie plates! This was really good and I think the pate was my favorite. So simple, so delicious!

Baguette and butter - Le Pichet
Baguette and butter. Complimentary

Schubert Sonata, 1992, Mark di Suvero
Schubert Sonata, 1992, Mark di Suvero, Olympic Sculpture Park. Painted and unpainted steel.

Scallop and pork belly – Poogan’s Porch

Scallop and pork belly - Poogan's Porch
Pan seared scallop and pork belly with pickled shallots, microgreens, arugula puree, finished with bbq reduction. $8.95
Poogan’s Porch, Charleston SC

Found this restaurant through Yelp, and I’m SO glad I did! The food was amazing and the service was sweet (and on the young side, lol). This pork belly was done pretty well with a great sear and caramelization on the outside. You never know how fatty pork belly is gonna be when you order it, but this cut wasn’t too fatty at all. I really don’t mind either way, but this is Charleston y’all and I needed to save fat calories where ever I could, lol! I will say that the scallops tasted a little too sharp and metallic-y for me. They were beautifully cooked though, the flavor was just off.

Home made biscuit and honey butter - Poogan's Porch
Home made biscuit and honey butter. Complimentary. This biscuit was light and fluffy and everybody frickin’ loves honey butter so I was in heaven.

St. Matthew's German Evangelical Lutheran Church

St. Matthew’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church. This is a pretty cool looking church along King Street opposite Marion Square.

Basket of corn bread – Jestine’s Kitchen

Basket of corn bread - Jestine's Kitchen
With honey butter. $1.95
Jestine’s Kitchen, Charleston SC

Corn bread - Jestine's Kitchen
I’m not sure if it was the actual corn bread or the honey butter that made these SO good, but they were irresistible! I could have eaten the entire basket all by myself!

Sweet homemade pickles - Jestine's Kitchen
Sweet homemade pickles. Complimentary. I’d rather have these free, delicious pickles than free dinner rolls any day!

United States Custom House, East Bay Street

United States Custom House, East Bay Street. Construction of this building first started in 1853 and was finally completed in 1879.

Kouign amann – Four Barrel Coffee

Kouign amann - Four Barrel Coffee
Breton cake with layers of butter and sugar. $4
Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco CA

This was a delicious, buttery treat! I don’t think I would normally order this because it looks kinda boring in a display case, but it’s absolutely exquisite. This flaky pastry is surprisingly complex from the multiple layers and condensed form. Loved it!

Kouign amann - Four Barrel Coffee
7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2012

Coffee - Four Barrel Coffee

Coffee with cream and sugar. $2

Pink passion flower (Passiflora caerulea X rubra, Passifloraceae)
Pink passion flower (Passiflora caerulea X rubra, Passifloraceae), San Jose Avenue. This hardy perennial vine caught my eye as I was randomly walking down the street. I particularly loved the 2-toned filamentous anthers!

Heirloom radishes – The Girl & The Fig

Heirloom radishes - The Girl & The Fig
Mixed seasonal radishes, anchovy butter and grey sea salt. $7
The Girl & The Fig, Sonoma CA

Wow, David and I were a little surprised when they brought this to the table. I had expected the radishes to be tossed in dressing or cooked in some way. But it ended up being a plate a raw, cut radishes, lol! I’m not a big raw vegetable eater, but these were good I guess. After a while it seemed like work to eat them. I’m glad they came with the salted anchovy butter otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to eat much. I don’t think we even finished them.

Bread and butter - The Girl & The Fig
Bread and butter. Complimentary

Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea, Scrophulariaceae), Gundlach Bundschu Winery
Purple and pink foxglove flowers (Digitalis purpurea, Scrophulariaceae), Gundlach Bundschu Winery. The grounds of this winery are super cute with multiple picnicking areas. The landscaping is tasteful and lush!