Chocolate toffee brownie a la mode – Zadin

Chocolate toffee brownie a la mode - Zadin

Warm brownie topped with Mitchell’s coconut ice cream. $7
Zadin, San Francisco CA

This was ok, but then I’m not a huge dessert person. I did love the Mitchell’s coconut ice cream though!

Tawny 10 year port - Zadin

Tawny 10 year port. $5

Una Pizza Napoletana flyers
Una Pizza Napoletana flyers, 16th Street. I love that restaurants in SF will canvas on flyer boards, lol.

Bo luc lac – Zadin

Bo luc lac - Zadin
Shaken Beef. Cubes of angus filet mignon, wok-seared medium rare with onions and garlic. Served on a bed of mixed greens, brown rice, and topped with yam fries. $20
Zadin, San Francisco CA

I don’t know why I expect every version of Shaking Beef to be good! This was ok, but the beef was a little tough. Oh well, the search continues…

Anything Goes musical poster

Anything Goes musical poster, Golden Gate Theatre.

Garlic prawns – Zadin

Garlic prawns - Zadin
Prawns lightly fried and tossed in a caramelized garlic chili sauce. Served on a bed of coconut scented rice and garnished with a pea shoot mango salad. $19
Zadin, San Francisco CA

This was flavorful, but definitely over-sauced. I love me some sauce, but these poor prawns were drowned in it and totally got lost. The pea shoot and mango salad was very tasty though.

Parrot wind decoration
Parrot wind/yard decoration, Cole Valley.

Soft shell crab with garlic noodles – Zadin

Soft shell crab with garlic noodles - Zadin
Fried soft-shell crab served on a bed of sauteed noodles tossed with soy garlic sauce, egg, and butter. Garnished with a wedge of lime and cilantro. $20
Zadin, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this had SO much flavor! The lime and cilantro were a great touch to bring it back to the Asian side of things. I love soft shell crab! 🙂

Kings Ridge pinot noir 2009

Pinot Noir, Kings Ridge, Oregon, 2009. Bottle $32
Alluring aromas of rose petal with spicy red fruits, black cherry cola and earth. Soft and elegant style.

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Green curry scallops – Zadin

Green curry scallops - Zadin
Seared sea scallops served on a bed of spinach noodles in a spicy galangal coconut green curry sauce. Toppped with green papaya, zucchini, and fried basil. $20
Zadin, San Francisco CA

This was a weird dish, and I’m not sure it was a successful one. The spinach noodles and green curry sauce didn’t taste amazing together, and the seared scallops just seemed like an afterthought.

Bluebird on my balcony
Mr. Bluebird came to visit my balcony.

Goi cuon – Zadin

Goi cuon - Zadin
Summer rolls. Steamed shrimp and pork, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, red leaf lettuce, cilantro and mint wrapped in rice paper served with peanut sauce. $8.50
Zadin, San Francisco CA

Being the little piggy that I am, I enjoyed that these summer rolls came with both shrimp and pork inside! In gnereal, I’d also have to say that I was impressed with all their sauces. Go Zadin!

Marble stairs, US Customhouse
Marble stairs, US Customhouse, Battery Street.

Muc rang muoi – Zadin

Muc rang muoi - Zadin
Salt and pepper calamari. Calamari deep fried with a salt and pepper coating, sauteed with jalapenos and scallions. Served with a cilantro lime dipping sauce. $11
Zadin, San Francisco CA

Finally made it to this neighborhood restaurant, and I liked it! We had four people in our party so it was great to try a lot of different items. This dish was really tasty, but maybe a bit over-fried. I loved the jalapenos and the cilantro lime sauce was different and yummy.

Pink Triangle Park
Pink Triangle Park, Castro and Market.