Garlic and butter prawns – Plato D’Boracay Resto

Garlic and butter prawns - Plato D'Boracay Resto
Prawns 700 PHP, Cooking service 250 PHP
Plato D’Boracay Resto, Boracay PHILIPPINES

This was a new, amazing experience for me! So there’s a great fish market a few blocks from the Boracay Regency called d*talipapa. You’re supposed to go purchase whatever you want to eat, then bring your fresh seafood to the cooking service restaurants in the market to cook it up for you! Awesome, right? Thank goodness my friend Robert is fluent in Tagalog because I don’t think I could have haggled with the fish mongers and then communicated with the cooks to let them know how we wanted the food the be prepared.

These prawns were SO good! They were super fresh and had so much flavor. I guess when you have that much butter and garlic, everything is better. 🙂

Rice - Plato D'Boracay Resto
Rice. 75 PHP

d*talipapa fish market
d*talipapa fish market.


Chili prawns – Paraiso Grill

Chili prawns - Paraiso Grill
Prawns sautéed in a sweet chili sauce, garnished with green onion.
Paraiso Grill, Boracay PHILIPPINES

These prawns were really tasty, but someone at our table requested that they be peeled before cooking. NO!!! There’s SO much more flavor when they’re cooked whole, and I love sucking on the heads. That’s where all the goodness is located.

Green lobsters
Green lobsters ready to be chosen and cooked to order!

Prawns with green beans – Radio Africa & Kitchen

Prawns with green beans - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Almonds and berbere (spice mixture). Pre fixe menu
Radio Africa & Kitchen, San Francisco CA

I really liked these prawns – they had a lot of flavor. They were probably on the verge of being overcooked so they could have been a bit more tender, but I still liked the dish overall.

Sparkling rose wine - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Sparkling rose wine.

Classical guitar jukebox monkey
Classical guitar jukebox monkey, Valencia Street.

Gambas – Epic

Gambas - Epic
Tiger prawns cooked in olive oil, garlic, chorizo and white wine. 480 PHP

Wow, this was our first meal in Boracay and it was an awesome choice! These gambas were delicious and super tender. I loved the chorizo sauce and dumped most of my garlic rice in there to soak it all up. I also like the flatware and presentation. Welcome to Boracay!

Garlic rice - Epic
Garlic rice.

Boracay from the airplane
Boracay from the airplane!

Hot pot proteins – Hoang Yen

Hot pot proteins - Hoang Yen
Clams, cockles, beef, fish, squid, and prawns. North-south hot pot 279,000 VND
Hoang Yen, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

This was a pretty good selection of seafood and meat to throw into the hot pot. Everything seemed pretty fresh and well-cleaned. Can you really ask for much more? Noms!

Sauces - Hoang Yen
Mixed sauces.

Sauce ingredients - Hoang Yen
Soy sauce and sauce ingredients.

Martial arts practice
Martial arts practice at night, Cong Vien 23 Thang 9 Park.

Demons on horseback – Park Tavern

Demons on horseback - Park Tavern
Lardo-wrapped smoked prawns, remoulade and cucumber. $16
Park Tavern, San Francisco CA

It’d be really easy for me to complain that these cost sixteen bucks, but then it was pretty darn tasty! They had me at lard-wrapped smoked prawns. There was SO much flavor in every bite (even though there were very few bites). 🙂

Alpine Lake, Mt. Tamalpais Watershed
Alpine Lake, Mt. Tamalpais Watershed.

Seafood combination clay pot – Makli Chinese Cuisine

Seafood combination clay pot - Makli Chinese Cuisine
Combination of scallop, prawn, cod fish, black mushroom, deep fried tofu. $11
Makli Chinese Cuisine, San Francisco CA

For eleven bucks, this was great! There was plenty of seafood and everything was tender and juicy. Not old and tough like some seafood dishes from cheap Chinese restaurants you sometimes encounter. The sauce was also very tasty and not overpowering.

Yuppie scum fuck off
“Yuppie scum fuck off” sidewalk stencil. Someone must not like yuppies!

Chilled New Caledonia blue prawns – Luce

Chilled New Caledonia blue prawns - Luce
Summer melon, fennel, dill, lemon verbena. Tasting menu $95
Luce, San Francisco CA

The prawns were really good in this dish, but it was the accompaniments that really made it interesting. The variegated leaves were beautiful and the combination of different herbs and melon were new and delicious.

Green olive bread - Luce
Green olive bread. Complimentary

South African daisy
South African daisy (Gazania sp., Asteraceae), Kentfield.

Ciopinno – Cafe Renzo

Ciopinno - Cafe Renzo
Clams, mussels, calamari, prawns and fresh fish sautéed in a tomato garlic broth. $23
Cafe Renzo, Palo Alto CA

Meh, this was ok. Definitely not the best ciopinno I’ve had. The sauce was a bit salty and some of the seafood were overcooked, but the flavors were there. I wasn’t feeling the love from this seafood stew though.

Dinner roll - Cafe Renzo
Dinner roll. Complimentary

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Tagliolini mare e monte – Cafe Renzo

Tagliolini mare e monte - Cafe Renzo
Homemade tagliolini noodles served with chanterelle mushrooms, tiger prawns, asparagus, parmesan in a light white wine garlic sauce. $19
Cafe Renzo, Palo Alto CA

Ugh, where were the chanterelles?! Either they completely forgot to add them or they slyly substituted a bunch of asparagus (which wasn’t indicated in the menu) instead. In either case, that was LAME! Overall, this was just ok anyway. The prawns were on the verge of being tough and the sauce wasn’t all that exciting.

Pacific starflower
Pacific starflower (Trientalis latifolia, Myrsinaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Prawn shui mai and King crab Shanghai siew long bun – Yauatcha

Prawn shui mai and King crab Shanghai siew long bun - Yauatcha
Shu mai with chicken, xiao long bao with pork. A Taste of Yauatcha menu £28.88 for 2 people
Yauatcha, London ENGLAND

Noms, these were SO tasty! I don’t think I’ve ever had Shanghai soup dumplings with crab in them, and they didn’t break, yay! Even the shu mai was fancy with large chunks of prawn and chicken. Mmm, I’m craving dim sum now. 🙂

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge.