Hot pot proteins – Hoang Yen

Hot pot proteins - Hoang Yen
Clams, cockles, beef, fish, squid, and prawns. North-south hot pot 279,000 VND
Hoang Yen, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

This was a pretty good selection of seafood and meat to throw into the hot pot. Everything seemed pretty fresh and well-cleaned. Can you really ask for much more? Noms!

Sauces - Hoang Yen
Mixed sauces.

Sauce ingredients - Hoang Yen
Soy sauce and sauce ingredients.

Martial arts practice
Martial arts practice at night, Cong Vien 23 Thang 9 Park.


South-north hot pot – Hoang Yen

South-north hot pot - Hoang Yen
Lau nam bac. So this hot pot was divided into a spicy side and a non-spicy side. I’m not sure which one was north and which was south because it wasn’t explained to us, but I’m guessing that south is spicy? Anyway, both sides were delicious and I think we drank almost all the broth! 279,000 VND
Hoang Yen, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

Wet napkin - Hoang Yen
Wet napkin. It’s weird to have to pay for these.

Water lilies
Water lilies (Nymphaea sp., Nymphaeaceae), Tao Dan Park.