Garlic and butter prawns – Plato D’Boracay Resto

Garlic and butter prawns - Plato D'Boracay Resto
Prawns 700 PHP, Cooking service 250 PHP
Plato D’Boracay Resto, Boracay PHILIPPINES

This was a new, amazing experience for me! So there’s a great fish market a few blocks from the Boracay Regency called d*talipapa. You’re supposed to go purchase whatever you want to eat, then bring your fresh seafood to the cooking service restaurants in the market to cook it up for you! Awesome, right? Thank goodness my friend Robert is fluent in Tagalog because I don’t think I could have haggled with the fish mongers and then communicated with the cooks to let them know how we wanted the food the be prepared.

These prawns were SO good! They were super fresh and had so much flavor. I guess when you have that much butter and garlic, everything is better. 🙂

Rice - Plato D'Boracay Resto
Rice. 75 PHP

d*talipapa fish market
d*talipapa fish market.


2 thoughts on “Garlic and butter prawns – Plato D’Boracay Resto

  1. Nothing beats fresh seafood smothered with butter and garlic! (Except good lechon, probably) Really good that you experienced the “paluto” style while you were in the Philippines!

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