3-piece fish ‘n chips combo meal – Ivar’s Seafood Bar

3-piece fish 'n chips - Ivar's Seafood Bar
Original recipe Pacific true cod, French fries, white clam chowder, diet Coke. $12.99
Ivar’s Seafood Bar, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

3-piece fish 'n chips combo meal - Ivar's Seafood Bar
This definitely isn’t the healthiest option at the SeaTac Airport, but Ivar’s is such quintessential Northwest food that I couldn’t resist. Their fish is actually really good and the fries come out piping hot. I also love the consistency of their clam chowder. Noms!

White clam chowder - Ivar's Seafood Bar
Cup of white chowder.

7 thoughts on “3-piece fish ‘n chips combo meal – Ivar’s Seafood Bar

  1. Ivar’s ! I so remember that place. They had Great food and I love their English Clam Chowder.. I haven’t been to the one that you stopped by but .the one by a dock and you can take Ferry Rides . I think it was. I love the window seats you can watch the people get into the Ferry Boat and boats go by and to watch the ocean or sea the Blue sea.. I don’t remember where it leads too. A cream base English clam chowder. I make my English chowder too Like them: with Cream or half and half.. ) Well Have a nice day and .enjoy your travels. Thanks for your posts:0)

    • Yeah, the Ivar’s on the Elliot Bay boardwalk in downtown Seattle is pretty popular! I grew up riding the Bremerton-Seattle ferry that arrives next door and eating at the Ivar’s was always a treat. And you’re right, their clam chowder is delicious!

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