3-piece fish ‘n chips combo meal – Ivar’s Seafood Bar

3-piece fish 'n chips - Ivar's Seafood Bar
Original recipe Pacific true cod, French fries, white clam chowder, diet Coke. $12.99
Ivar’s Seafood Bar, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

3-piece fish 'n chips combo meal - Ivar's Seafood Bar
This definitely isn’t the healthiest option at the SeaTac Airport, but Ivar’s is such quintessential Northwest food that I couldn’t resist. Their fish is actually really good and the fries come out piping hot. I also love the consistency of their clam chowder. Noms!

White clam chowder - Ivar's Seafood Bar
Cup of white chowder.

True cod ‘n chips – Anthony’s Fish Bar

True cod 'n chips - Anthony's Fish Bar
3 piece Alaska true cod with French fries, tartar sauce. $7.99
Anthony’s Fish Bar, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

There’s a little place in my heart for Anthony’s restaurants because I worked at their Bell Street Diner on Pier 66 during a summer in college. I really can’t fairly compare food from their fish bar at the Sea-Tac airport to their regular offerings, but I will say that I was not impressed. The fish tasted ok, but they were a little greasy and limp. The fries were also a bit wilted so I would say that this was a sad basket overall.

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