Brined and braised short rib – Finn Town

Brined and braised short rib - Finn Town
Creme fraiche, potato puree, broccolini. $25
Finn Town, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this tasted great, but I thought that the short rib was on the small side. I liked the rich, deep flavors though. The potato puree was especially yummy with the pan suace and creme fraiche.

Hash browns – Jim Neely’s Interstate BBQ

Hash brown - Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ
Jim Neely’s Interstate BBQ, Memphis International Airport (MEM)

I liked the flavor of these hash browns, but they were super greasy! I had to used multiple napkins to sop up some of the grease before I could actually eat them.

Super falafel – Sunrise Deli

Super falafel - Sunrise Deli
Falafel with hummus, eggplant, potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, pickled cabbage. Served in lavash wrap. $8
Sunrise Deli, San Francisco CA

This falafel wrap was definitely not very “super” in my book. The falafel themselves were ok, but the whole wrap was super dry and boring. There was way more wrap than filling, and even the filling seemed somehow dry even with the hummus. They needed some tzatziki or have the eggplant mixture more juicy. I was not a fan.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Construction the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.