Cava – Parrots Pub

Cava - Parrots Pub
With complimentary frites.
Parrots Pub, Sitges SPAIN

This is always a great place for an early happy hour. The service and the people watching are both great! Just sit back, relax, and sip the cold, sparkling cava!


Cava brut – El Vivero

Cava brut - El Vivero
Cava Brut Rva. D.O Penedes. 4.50
El Vivero, Sitges SPAIN

This place was my favorite new discovery in Sitges. The restaurant is three levels with the main restaurant on the lower floor. It’s on the north end of town, and the only restaurant (that I’ve been to in Sitges) that’s actually on the water (on the side of a cliff actually). And the views are amazing! The place is also really fun especially during the happy hour when they have a DJ spinning. SO much fun!

Taste of the Swamp – Boxing Room

Taste of the Swamp - Boxing Room
Turtle soup, fried frog legs, alligator sauce piquant. $18.50
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

The turtle soup and the alligator sauce piquant were delicious, but the frog legs were very greasy. The legs had good flavor but I didn’t like that they were limp and soaking in grease. I also didn’t like the serving dish and thought that the portions were really small. I would have rather opted for a full size of a single entree.

Bohigas Reserva cava - Boxing Room
Cava, Bohigas Reserva, Penedes, Spain NV. $9

Flatbread and pimento cheese
Flatbread and pimento cheese. Complimentary

English trifle – House of Prime Rib

English trifle - House of Prime Rib
Grand Marnier creme anglaise. $9
House of Prime Rib, San Francisco CA

This trifle was simple, light, and perfect after a large prime rib dinner! Although the House of Prime Rib is super touristy, it’s one of San Francisco’s oldest restaurants and is a mainstay. The prime rib is also delicious and the service is great. The host was a bit of a jerk, but I guess it’s easy to develop an attitude when having to deal with so many tourists during a shift.

Madeleine - House of Prime Rib
Madeleine. Complimentary

Domaine Carneros brut - House of Prime Rib
Domaine Carneros brut. Bottle $44

Hokkaido scallop and shrimp risotto – Lavender Bistro

Hokkaido scallop and shrimp risotto - Lavender Bistro
Nanami togarashi seasoning, carnaroli rice, green sweet peas and shaved parmigiano reggiano. $25
Lavender Bistro, La Quinta CA

This risotto was really delicious and I loved its creamy texture and the slightly Asian flavors. The scallops were cooked nicely, but the shrimp were a bit overcooked.

Zardetto prosecco - Lavender Bistro
Zardetto, Proseco Dos Brut. Split $14