Crispy boudin balls – Boxing Room

Crispy boudin balls - Boxing Room
Creole mustard aioli. $4
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

I really miss the happy hours at Boxing Room. You could sit and the bar, drink and eat really delicious food without breaking your wallet. These fried boudin balls were always one of my favorites. I’m so sad that this placed closed. 😦


Fanny Bay oysters – Boxing Room

Fanny Bay oysters - Boxing Room
Cocktail sauce, mignonette, lemon. Half dozen $20
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

Boxing Room has since closed since I last visit, but I’m finally getting around to posting these pics. I’m kinda sad that it closed because I liked the food there, and there aren’t many good cajun/creole restaurants in The City. Anyway, I’ve already tried its replacement, Barcino, but that’s for another time.

These Fanny Bay oysters were very tasty – bright, clean, fresh, briny, and cleanly shucked. I could’ve easily eaten a dozen on my own, but didn’t want to break the bank.

Flatbread and pimento cheese - Boxing Room
Flatbread and pimento cheese. Complimentary

Taste of the Swamp – Boxing Room

Taste of the Swamp - Boxing Room
Turtle soup, fried frog legs, alligator sauce piquant. $18.50
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

The turtle soup and the alligator sauce piquant were delicious, but the frog legs were very greasy. The legs had good flavor but I didn’t like that they were limp and soaking in grease. I also didn’t like the serving dish and thought that the portions were really small. I would have rather opted for a full size of a single entree.

Bohigas Reserva cava - Boxing Room
Cava, Bohigas Reserva, Penedes, Spain NV. $9

Flatbread and pimento cheese
Flatbread and pimento cheese. Complimentary

Beignets – Boxing Room

Beignets - Boxing Room
Chocolate espresso cream. $7
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

Wow, these were delicious! I loved their light texture and they had a great flavor. That chocolate espresso cream dipping sauce was killer too! It was a little milky, silky, and yummy.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014


Fig glazed pork belly – Boxing Room

Fig glazed pork belly - Boxing Room
Corn puree, caramelized figs, pickled watermelon rinds. $15
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

I liked the flavors in the dish, and the pork belly was tasty BUT it was way too fatty! The pieces of pork belly were pretty much slabs of fat with very little meat on them. I think this is the first time that I couldn’t finish pork belly. I just left the huge chunks of fat on the plate.

Fabaceae family, Noe Valley
Fabaceae family, Noe Valley.

Fried gator – Boxing Room

Fried gator - Boxing Room
Creole remoulade, lemon. $13
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

I thought maybe the alligator would be tough and dry, but it really wasn’t. The breading was delicious and it was fried perfectly. I’m not sure that I could really taste and describe the gator apart from the breading and frying oil, but the whole thing tasted great to me.

Red wine - Boxing Room
Gamay Noir, Champier Buissonnate, Beaujolais Villages, France. 2012. Glass $11.50
Cabernet Franc, Filliatreau Grande Vignolle, Saumur Champigny, France 2011. Glass $10

Fried gator - Boxing Room
March 25, 2015. $14

Sidewalk stencil
Sidewalk stencil.

Crispy boudin balls – Boxing Room

Crispy boudin balls - Boxing Room
Creole mustard aioli. $7
Boxing Room, San Francisco CA

These little balls were scrumptious and I liked the creole mustard dipping sauce. The boudin balls weren’t too dense but they were definitely rich. Here’s to a night of splurging at the expense of my arteries, lol!

Flatbread with pimento cheese - Boxing Room
Flatbread with pimento cheese. Complimentary

Unknown flowers, West Field Road
Unknown flowers, West Field Road.