Bbq pork belly – 1760

Bbq pork belly - 1760
Cole slaw, purple potato salad, pickled red onion, carrot, pea shoot. $21
1760, San Francisco CA

This tasted good, but I think it was overpriced for the portion. I also think that the sour/tart flavors dominated the dish and I hoped for more luscious bbq flavors to rise through. The purple potato salad wasn’t my favorite thing either. I’ve had purple potato salad before but they had better flavor and texture than this one by 1760. Overall, I kinda think that this restaurant is overrated. There were more missteps than successes during this meal.

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene - 1760
Sorelle, Bronca, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene ‘Particella 68’ NV. Bottle $45


Pork dip sandwich – Percy’s & Co.

Pork dip sandwich - Percy's & Co.
On baguette, sweet onion marmalade, wilted pea vines, pork jus. Happy hour $7
Percy’s & Co., Seattle WA

This sandwich was SO good! I mean who doesn’t love dipping sandwiches in delicious jus?! The pea vines were also a nice twist on greens and the onion marmalade was a great “condiment”. NOMS!

Orange squid bike rack

Orange squid bike rack, Seattle waterfront.

“Da Kine” combo – Roy’s

Da Kine combo - Roy's
Szechuan spiced baby back pork ribs and firecracker teppan-yaki local shrimp, Malaysian garlic fried rice, pea shoots. $35
Roy’s, Waikoloa HI

Mmm, now this is what I call surf and turf! Ribs and whole shrimp, noms! My favorite part was the shrimp of course because you could suck on the heads – heavenly. The ribs were also tasty, but the sauteed cabbage and bok choy were plain and forgettable.

Hawaiian artwork
Hawaiian artwork, KOA Airport.

Garlic prawns – Zadin

Garlic prawns - Zadin
Prawns lightly fried and tossed in a caramelized garlic chili sauce. Served on a bed of coconut scented rice and garnished with a pea shoot mango salad. $19
Zadin, San Francisco CA

This was flavorful, but definitely over-sauced. I love me some sauce, but these poor prawns were drowned in it and totally got lost. The pea shoot and mango salad was very tasty though.

Parrot wind decoration
Parrot wind/yard decoration, Cole Valley.

Peas and peas – Pizzeria Delfina

Peas and peas - Pizzeria Delfina
Pea pods, shelled peas, pea shoots and tendrils with guanciale (unsmoked Italian bacon) and cippoline onions. $9
Pizzeria Delfina, San Francisco CA

This is a simple dish and was absolutely delicious! I loved all the different pea parts and the guanciale added a great rich flavor. Noms!

Tree shadows on red and blue walls
Tree shadows on red and blue walls, Guerrero Street. Some houses in San Francisco are painted in vibrant colors like these. It makes for interesting and beautiful strolls.