Grilled Reuben sandwich – Sherman’s Deli and Bakery

Grilled Reuben sandwich - Sherman's Deli and Bakery
Pastrami with Swiss cheese and zesty sauerkraut, grilled on rye bread, and served with cottage potatoes. $15.75
Sherman’s Deli and Bakery, Palm Springs CA

I will eventually try every sandwich on Sherman’s menu! Well, I doubt that will actually happen but I can sure try. These sandwiches are definitely two meals worth of food. Noms!

The Coup signature sandwich – The Organic Coup

The Coup signature sandwich - The Organic Coup
Mary’s organic air-chilled chicken cooked in organic refined coconut oil organic spicy veggies on a toasted organic artisan bun with spicy bbq ranch. $9.99
The Organic Coup, San Francisco CA

Hmm, I liked that this sandwich (and restaurant) was all organic, but the chicken was kinda dry! The flavors were good enough but I couldn’t get past the over-cooked chicken.