Deviled egg sandwich – The Sentinel

Deviled egg sandwich - The Sentinel
Mustard, chili paste, parsley. $9.25
The Sentinel, San Francisco CA

This sammy was quite large, messy and filling! Iiked the flavor of the egg salad and it was nice and soft, but may there was too much mayo. I mean I loved the flavor, but I felt bad eating all of it.

Black skillet fried chicken sandwich – 1300 on Fillmore

Black skillet fried chicken sandwich - 1300 on Fillmore
Jalapeno slaw, honey mustard dressing, brioche bun. Served with house-made potato chips. $16.50
1300 on Fillmore, San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

This sandwich was large and pretty tasty. I liked the slaw, but the potato chips were greasy. The service here was super slow though. I wouldn’t recommend eating here if you don’t have the time – you’ll prolly miss your flight.

Truffled egg sandwich – Railgarten Diner

Truffled egg sandwich - Railgarten Diner
Fried egg, thick cut bacon, garlic aioli, lettuce, bruleed tomatoes, truffled oil. Served with duck fat fried three potato hash. $11.75
Railgarten Diner, Memphis TN

This sandwich was really good and I loved the truffle oil. The best part though was the duck fat potato hash! Omg, it was SO tasty!

Watermelon mimosa - Railgarten Diner
Watermelon mimosa. This mimosa was sickeningly sweet and I couldn’t even begin to finish it. Thank goodness that the server was kind enough to not charge me for it. Yay!