Texas beef brisket sandwich – Memphis Minnie’s

Texas beef brisket sandwich - Memphis Minnie's
Slow smoked brisket, served with pit-smoked beans. $11.95
Memphis Minnie’s, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love the beef brisket at Mephis Minnie’s! It’s super tender and very flavorful. I will admit that some of the pieces were on the dry side this time around. They certainly put plenty of brisket in this sandwich. Noms!

Texas beef brisket – Memphis Minnie’s

Texas beef brisket - Memphis Minnie's
Half pound $10.95
Memphis Minnie’s, San Francisco CA

Kill me now – this was SO good! I loved everything about this brisket. It was tender, juicy, smoky, and oh so flavorful! I would eat this all the time if high cholesterol didn’t run in my family, lol. Goodness, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. NOMS!