Combo cheesesteak – Phat Philly

Combo cheesesteak - Phat Philly
Beef with mushrooms, onions and bell peppers, cheddar beer sauce, topped with hot peppers. 7-inch $9.25
Phat Philly, San Francisco CA

It’s good to know that the price hasn’t gone up since last time, which has been the case for a lot of my repeats lately. I love the sandwiches here. Yeah, they’re greasy and messy, but isn’t that what you expect from a cheesesteak? I think they taste great!

Ham and cheese biscuit nuggets – The Wine Kitchen

Ham and cheese biscuit nuggets - The Wine Kitchen
Black pepper gravy. $6
The Wine Kitchen, Leesburg VA

These little bites were yummy and fun to eat. I liked the black pepper gravy too, but I think this ended up being to heavy to eat by myself. This would have been great to share with another diner. It tasted great though, but just too rich to eat the entire thing.

Farmers lettuce salad – Volt

Farmers lettuce salad - Volt
Tuscarora Farms lettuce, avocado puree, diced cucumber, harissa vinaigrette, pickled shallots, toasted caraway seeds crumb. Tasting menu $95
Volt, Frederick MD

Maybe I’m just not a salad person, but this dish was lost on me. I guess I can appreciate the fresh ingredients and the techniques used to create all the components, but I still wasn’t satisfied eating this salad. To each his own…

Cheddar chive buttermilk biscuit - Volt
Cheddar chive buttermilk biscuit. This was SO good! I could live off these. 🙂

Bacon and poached egg breakfast sandwich – Northside Social

Bacon and poached egg breakfast sandwich - Northside Social
Sharp white cheddar, maple butter, frisee, on Italian feather loaf. $6.75
Northside Social, Arlington VA

This breakfast sandwich was very tasty and easy to eat. Or maybe I was just hungry and scarfed it down so quickly, hehe! I thought the Italian feather loaf was a good bread choice for the yummy fillings.

Mini bibingka – Bibingkinitan

Mini bibingka - Bibingkinitan
Soft and moist rice cakes made with 100% rice flour topped with salted duck egg and cheddar cheese.
Bibingkinitan, Manila PHILIPPINES

Omg, these were SO frickin’ good! They were deliciously salty, buttery and super soft. And they’re the perfect size to snack on, but you really can’t stop at just one. Noms!

Malacanan Palace balcony
Malacanan Palace balcony where President Ferdinand Marcos made his last public appearance.

“Marlowe” burger – Park Tavern

Marlowe burger - Park Tavern
Caramelized onion, cheddar, bacon, horseradish aioli and fries. $15
Park Tavern, San Francisco CA

Their sister restaurant Marlowe has a very popular burger that’s supposed to be amazing so I think Park Tavern adopted it too. The burger was very juicy and flavorful and the fries were crispy and delicious! The meal overall was very tasty, but I wish our server had brought out ALL the food we ordered. They didn’t forget to charge us for everything though! Kinda unprofessional to forget a dish even when asked multiple times about it.

Bon Tempe Lake
Bon Tempe Lake.