Green olive focaccia – Moka Cafe

Green olive focaccia - Moka Cafe
Moka Cafe, Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport (GOA)

I didn’t like this very much. It was cold, soggy, limp, and super oily. Usually I like anything with olives on it, but this wasn’t my favorite. 😦


Lemon blueberry crumble muffins – Pink Mocha Cafe

Lemon blueberry crumble muffins - Pink Mocha Cafe
Each $3.50
Pink Mocha Cafe, Kailua-Kona HI

These weren’t very good. They were dry, small, and lacked any crumble. I’m not sure why they would charge $3.50 for a mini muffin! The service was REALLY slow the morning we tried this place and they kept messing up our orders, but the manager was really friendly and apologetic for the delays and mistakes. She also gave us comped coffees for our next visit.

Wild arugula salad – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Wild arugula salad - Hearth Coffee Roasters
Cherries, chopped walnuts, parmesan. Prix fixe dinner $29.50
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

This salad was tasty, but I’m really tired of the cold service that adds to an overall unwelcoming atmosphere. This was our final meal here with no expectation to return any time soon. I guess we’ll continue to search for our midweek go-to neighborhood joint for dinner.