Pain au chocolat – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Pain au chocolat - Hearth Coffee Roasters
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

This was delicious. I’ve decided that Hearth is great for coffee and pastries, but not for dinner. I tried being a regular for their weekly dinner menus, but was never made to feel comfortable. So disappointing!


Wild arugula salad – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Wild arugula salad - Hearth Coffee Roasters
Cherries, chopped walnuts, parmesan. Prix fixe dinner $29.50
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

This salad was tasty, but I’m really tired of the cold service that adds to an overall unwelcoming atmosphere. This was our final meal here with no expectation to return any time soon. I guess we’ll continue to search for our midweek go-to neighborhood joint for dinner.

Red snapper ceviche – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Red snapper ceviche - Hearth Coffee Roasters
Mango, plantain chips, and salsa verde. Prix fixe dinner $29.50
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

So this is the third time we’ve had dinner here and we’re beginning to think that Hearth is not going to be our mid-week dinner go-to. While the food has been good, the service has been disinterested and cold. We’ve enjoyed the concept and the great price, but there isn’t much that makes us want to keep coming back every week. We’ll keep giving them another try, but it’s not looking good.

Spring vegetable ravioli – Hearth Coffee Roasters

Spring vegetable ravioli - Hearth Coffee Roasters
House-made ricotta, sugar snap peas, and pecorino romano cheese. Prix fixe dinner $29.50
Hearth Coffee Roasters, San Francisco CA

I don’t usually enjoy vegetarian/vegan entrees, but this pasta dish was delicious! I loved the slightly cooked peas and cauliflower, and the ravioli were cooked perfectly. Noms!