Banana, chocolate, almond croissant – Coffee Mission

Banana, chocolate, almond croissant - Coffee Mission
Coffee Mission, San Francisco CA

Omg, this croissant was really delicious! I loved the combo of banana, chocolate, and almond. The croissant was also so flaky and buttery. Noms!

Ribeye omurice – Kitchen Story

Ribeye omurice - Kitchen Story
Marinated minced ribeye, scrambled eggs over jasmine rice, carrots, cherry pepper, spinach, scallion, demi glace sauce. Served with croissant, rainbow potatoes, fruit. $18
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

This was a really hearty breakfast and pretty tasty too! Since I’m such a gravy-lover, of course I loved the demi glace sauce (spelled “demi glazed sauce” on the menu). The scrambled eggs were fluffy and soft, but I wish the potatoes were cut a little bigger.

Foie gras eggs and bacon – Le Pigeon

Foie gras eggs and bacon - Le Pigeon
Smoked foie gras, foie scrambled eggs, croissant, bottarga, maple. 5 course tasting menu $85
Le Pigeon, Portland OR

Omg, this was SO good! I wish it was a little lighter (there was foie everywhere!) or had another fresh ingredient, but honestly I didn’t mind too much. I just felt guilty eating all of it, hehe.

Cocktail and rose wine - Le Pigeon
Cocktail and rose wine.

Croissant and fruit – United Airlines

Croissant and fruit - United Airlines
Cantaloupe, honey dew melon, butter.
San Francisco (SFO) to Paris (CDG), United Airlines

Nothing says, “Welcome to Paris!” quite like an United Airlines breakfast – NOT! This was a veritable slap in the face, lol. The croissant was limp, chewy, and rock hard in some places. And they served the cheapest fruit you can buy. Huh, I’m really not surprised at the quality and item choice from United though. I’ve never associated United Airlines with delicious food or outstanding service. C’est la vie!

Styrofoam Hummer H1
Styrofoam Hummer H1 (low mileage, always garaged), 2005, Andrew Junge, SFO Terminal 3.

Pain au choco-framboise – Miss Manon

Pain au choco-framboise - Miss Manon
Chocolate raspberry croissant. 2,40€
Miss Manon, Paris FR

French breakfast pastries, yay! This was pretty good. It was flaky and buttery, and the fillings were delicious. I have to admit that I wasn’t blown away though. A friend of mine gave me a false expectation that French pastries were gonna absolutely blow my mind. I mean, they were good but I think that some of the local San Francisco bakeries can hold their own.

Medici Fountain
Medici Fountain, Jardin du Luxembourg. This is a very peaceful section of the garden where people relax on benches on either side of the pond.

Two eggs with millionaire’s bacon – Kitchen Story

Two eggs with millionaire's bacon - Kitchen Story
Two eggs over-medium served with butter croissant, rainbow potato and fruit. $13
Kitchen Story, San Francisco CA

For those who don’t know, millionaire’s bacon are thick slabs of bacon covered with brown sugar, black pepper, and cayenne before baking. What results is a sticky, sweet and salty strip of bacon that would please any SF brunch-goer. It was honestly the best part of this plate! NOMS!

Sticky monkeyflower

Sticky monkeyflower (Mimulus aurantiacus, Phrymaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Coconut bread pudding – Whisk

Coconut bread pudding - Whisk
Croissant bread pudding with coconut and chocolate sauce. $3
Whisk, Charleston SC

Coconut bread pudding - Whisk

This bread pudding was SUPER sweet! I like sweet things, but this was a little too much – it made my teeth ache. The combination is great, but they need to take it easy on the sugar.

Iced coffee - Whisk

Iced coffee. $3.25

Charleston Waterfront Park Fountain
Charleston Waterfront Park Fountain. There are usually kids running around the center of this fountain, but I was able to snap a quick unobstructed shot.