Ham and gruyere croissant – Coffee Mission

Ham and gruyere croissant - Coffee Mission
Coffee Mission, San Francisco CA

This croissant was really good (and big!). I loved the flaky, buttery croissant and the yummy ham and cheese filling.

Pastrami reuben and French onion soup – Savour

Pastrami reuben and French onion soup - Savour
Pastrami, choucroute au champagne, gruyere, Thousand Island dressing and greens grilled on a ciabatta. Half sandwich and soup $9
Savour, Seattle WA

Mmm, this was a great tasty lunch for under ten bucks! The pastrami reuben was delicious and the choucroute au champagne was a nice twist. The French onion soup was also yummy and perfect for the cold day.

Elliott Bay
Elliott Bay from Olympic Sculpture Park.

Croque Italienne – Patisserie Valerie

Croque Italienne - Patisserie Valerie
Grilled granary bread sandwich filled with prosciutto ham, mozzarella and topped with sundried tomatoes, black olives and gruyere bechamel. Servied with a salad garnish. £6.70
Patisserie Valerie, London ENGLAND

This was a great variation on the a croque sandwich. I think it was the combination of the crispy granary bread and the “Italian” toppings covered in gruyere bechamel, all broiled to bubbly perfection that made this dish delightfully interesting. Noms! And the “salad garnish” was more substantial than I expected, score!

Raspyberry Heaven smoothie and OJ - Patisserie Valerie
Raspberry Heaven smoothie: raspberry, blueberry, mango and apple. £4.05
Freshly squeezed orange juice. £3.05

Monument of the Great Fire of London view

View from the top of the Monument of the Great Fire of London, including the 30 St Mary Axe building (the Gherkin).

Provencale galette – Breizh Cafe

Provencale galette - Breizh Cafe
Onion confit in cider, tomatoes, ham, anchovies, raw milk gruyere cheese, sunny side up egg, herbes de Provence. Galette made with organic buckwheat from Brittany and local eggs. 12,50€
Breizh Cafe, Paris FR

Wow, this galette had a combination of some of my favorite things! And it just looked SO scrumptious and beautiful. I definitely enjoyed devouring this delicious packet of food. NOMS!

Biere blanche Lancelot - Breizh Cafe
Biere blanche Lancelot. La bout 33 cl 6€

Caramels - Breizh Cafe

Caramels. Complimentary with check

Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg. I really loved the combination of flowers that they used throughout the gardens. They were an eclectic mix of unrelated plant families, but they looked beautifully together in both form and color!

Bretonne galette – Breizh Cafe

Bretonne galette - Breizh Cafe
Sauteed mushrooms, gruyere cheese, scrambled egg, bacon, farmhouse creme fraiche from Bordier Creamery, espelette pepper. Galette made with organic buckwheat from Brittany and local eggs. 12,50€
Breizh Cafe, Paris FR

Mmm, I really loved these buckwheat galettes! They were nutty tasting and perfectly cooked and the ingredients were of high quality and delicious. They weren’t overly huge so we were actually able to finish them. To stay with the regional theme, we also ordered Bretonne beer. Perfect! 🙂

Biere blonde Lancelot - Breizh Cafe
Biere blonde Lancelot (Roc-St-Andre). La bout 33 cl 6€

Jardin du Luxembourg gardeners
Jardin du Luxembourg. These gardens are absolutely beautiful and immaculately kept. During our visit, there seemed to be an army of gardeners edging paths and cleaning brush. There were even these guys who were just pulling out dead flowers from all the flower planters, amazing!

The bacon-beef burger – Hi Tops

The bacon-beef burger - Hi Tops
Aioli, onion jam, wild arugula, gruyere served with fries. $12
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

This burger was juicy and delicious. I loved all the different toppings on this burger and the patty was really flavorful too. NOMS!

The bacon-beef burger - Hi Tops
February 1, 2015.

Bourbon lemonade - Hi Tops

Intimidator cocktail: Four roses, angostura, ginger beer, agave, lemon.

Colorfully bedazzled fair-goer

Colorfully bedazzled fair-goer, SF Pride 2013.