Cheeseburger – Hi Tops

Cheeseburger - Hi Tops
With cheese, lettuce, tomato, dressing, pickle. Served with side salad.
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

This burger was pretty tasty and quite filling. The patty was nice and juicy and the whole thing just ate cleanly. The side salad was my concession for having a huge burger, lol!


Killer nachos – Hi Tops

Killer nachos - Hi Tops
(February 2, 2014)
House-made tortilla chips, pulled pork, pepper jack and cheddar, avocado, black beans and pickled jalapenos. $14
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

Killer nachos - Hi Tops
(Original post picture, kinda dark so had to replace it. This version had turkey chili instead of pulled pork.)

Omg, when this came out I was in shock! It was literally an entire cookie sheet of nachos! It was pretty good and really filling especially with the turkey chili. I’m not sure I’d order this again unless I had a small group of friends to share it with. There were 3 of us that night and we could not finish! 🙂

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial, Legion of Honor.

The bacon-beef burger – Hi Tops

The bacon-beef burger - Hi Tops
Aioli, onion jam, wild arugula, gruyere served with fries. $12
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

This burger was juicy and delicious. I loved all the different toppings on this burger and the patty was really flavorful too. NOMS!

The bacon-beef burger - Hi Tops
February 1, 2015.

Bourbon lemonade - Hi Tops

Intimidator cocktail: Four roses, angostura, ginger beer, agave, lemon.

Colorfully bedazzled fair-goer

Colorfully bedazzled fair-goer, SF Pride 2013.

The Big Unit cocktail – Hi Tops

The Big Unit cocktail - Hi Tops

Tito’s tequila, lemon, elderflower, champagne. $10
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

Meh, I’m kinda tired of the specialty cocktails at Hi Tops. The ingredients usually sound great, but somehow the actual cocktails are usually a letdown. This cocktail was too tart and had no body, ugh!

Bike rack sidewalk stencil
Bike rack sidewalk stencil, The Mission.

Fried chicken sandwich – Hi Tops

Fried chicken sandwich - Hi Tops

Spicy rooster slaw, pickles, served with fries. $12
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

I love the sandwiches at Hi Tops. They’re big and messy and packed with flavor. This fried chicken sandwich was delicious, but the chicken was a little on the greasy side. The rooster slaw was amazing though. The fries were tasty but most of them were kinda short and annoying to eat.