Birria seca – San Jalisco

Birria seca San Jalisco

Barbecued goat served dry and accompanied with onion, cilantro, lemon, and Mexican style rice and refried beans. Served with a side of corn tortillas. $10.95
San Jalisco, San Francisco

I decided to order the goat, which I’ve never had a restaurant (that I can remember). We grew up butchering goats for family parties. I was feeling adventurous and curious so I chose the birria. Tasting it immediately brought me back to my childhood – that’s exactly how goat tastes! I haven’t had it for SO long but the flavor of it was familiar. I liked it! Lemme also add that the refried beans were amazing!

Chips and salsa San Jalisco

Chips and salsa. The salsa started out a little tomato-y which I don’t really like, but it had suck a lingering heat to it that I ended up loving it!

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