Buffalo wings – Hi Tops

Buffalo wings - Hi Tops

Buttermilk ranch, pickled cucumber and carrot sticks. $10
Hi Tops, San Francisco CA

Fried chicken wings smothered in buffalo sauce – NOMS! I don’t eat these very often, but they’re such a great treat on my cheat days. Hehe!

Buffalo wings - Hi Tops

I keep coming back for more!

Beautiful San Francisco homes
Beautiful San Francisco homes on my street in Noe Valley.

Fried chicken – Citizen’s Band

Fried chicken - Citizen's Band
Buttermilk battered Rock Jr. chicken, Martin Farms mixed chicories, Pinkie’s buttermilk biscuit, Mr. Combover Soma honey and bacon coffee gravy. $20
Citizen’s Band, San Francisco CA

Fried chicken - Citizen's Band
Mmm, this was really tasty! The flavorful fried chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. The biscuit was ok, but I loved the local honey drizzled on top. The chicories were yummy as was the gravy but I wish there was more of it.

Pinot noir - Citizen's Band

Pinot noir, Acote, CA 2010. $10

SF Muni Boston streetcar
Riding an SF Muni green Boston streetcar.

Demon lover – 900 Grayson

Demon lover - 900 Grayson
Spicy fried Sonoma Valley chicken, buttermilk waffle with Vermont maple syrup. $12.50
900 Grayson, Berkeley CA

This was REALLY tasty! And there was plenty of fried chicken – I could barely finish. I kinda wish the chicken was bone-in though, it feels more homey that way and it keeps the meat super moist.

Coffee - 900 Grayson
Coffee. $2

Sugar and salt - 900 Grayson
Sugar and salt.