Buttermilk pancake – Novy Restaurant

Buttermilk pancake - Novy Restaurant
Maple syrup, fresh fruit, powdered sugar. Side order.
Novy Restaurant, San Francisco CA

This pancake was good. I liked the fluffy texture, and it tasted great with the fruit and syrup on top!


Upstream eggs benedict – Norma’s

Upstream eggs benedict - Norma's
Buttermilk pancake with smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise, and peewee potatoes. $22
Norma’s, Palm Springs CA

This was ok, but the pancakes quickly became soggy from the luke warm hollandaise sauce, and the potatoes were undercooked. It would definitly be an “upstream” battle to find things that I absolutely loved about this dish.

Side of bacon - Norma's
Side of bacon. $4
This was probably the most reasonably priced item on their menu.

Antique bedazzled mirror

Antique bedazzled mirror, The Parker lobby.