Peking duck waffle – Wicked Waffle

Peking duck waffle - Wicked Waffle
Hot shredded muskovy duck and crispy skin, lettuce, scallions and hoisin sauce. $9.50
Wicked Waffle, Washington DC

I liked the duck more than the waffle. The duck tasted great and I like that they included the skin. I don’t think that the lettuce was necessary though – it just got wilty. The Belgian style waffle was kinda hard and dry so it was not my favorite. The workers were also pretty slow here.

Washington Monument
Washington Monument.

Fried chicken and waffles – Mission Bowling Club

Fried chicken and waffles - Mission Bowling Club
Salted chili, maple butter. $12
Mission Bowling Club, San Francisco CA

Ugh, I was NOT impressed! I’ve always said that the fried items at MBC are super greasy and this chicken was no exception. They were pretty gross and even the waffle was saturated in oil – yuck! I thought the salted chili was a cute substitute for the traditional hot sauce, but nothing could hide or counteract the overall greasiness of this dish.

Mimosas- Mission Bowling Club
Mimosas. Please help me to dilute the grease! 🙂

Buttermilk fried chicken and cornmeal waffle – Brown Sugar Kitchen

Buttermilk fried chicken and cornmeal waffle - Brown Sugar Kitchen
With brown sugar butter and apple cider syrup. $15
Brown Sugar Kitchen, Oakland CA

The most important question for this BSK review: “Is the food worth the wait?” I’m gonna say No. We arrived at 8:30 on a Sunday morning and didn’t get food until 10:15. Living in SF, I’m used to the long waits for brunch but the food has to deliver. BSK fell short.

Everything here was really slow, especially our server. We were seated right after the 2-top next to us at the counter, but our order was taken 10 minutes after theirs. They actually finished their meal before we even received food (very frustrating)! When they’re busy, you can wait up to 30 minutes for waffles. While the waffles are delicious, an extra 30 minutes is excruciating when you’ve been waiting so long already and feeling jittery from all the coffee. The fried chicken was just ok so the waffles definitely carry this dish. I think there’s plenty of great chicken and waffles elsewhere that don’t come with a 2-hour+ wait (and cheaper). This place doesn’t make my cut for a “destination” brunch joint. And there is absolutely nothing else at this location so you have no other options if you come here.

Mimosa - Brown Sugar Kitchen

Mimosa. $7.50
Pretty small and weak for the price.

Buttermilk chicken and waffles – Luna Park

Buttermilk chicken and waffles - Luna Park
Belgian style, served with maple syrup, butter. $15
Luna Park, San Francisco CA

I’ve had my share of Belgian style waffles, but this didn’t compare. The waffle was WAY too airy and, therefore, had little substance. It dissolved almost immediately with the addition of butter and maple syrup. You really needed a more substantial waffle to hold up to the large pieces of buttermilk fried chicken on the plate. The chicken was good, but the waffle was lame.

PB&C waffle ‘wich – Norma’s

PB&C waffle 'wich - Norma's
Chocolate waffle with a peanut buter and toffee crunch filling, whipped cream. $19
Norma’s, Palm Springs CA

Dang it was HOT outside! Norma’s really needs to have more even sun coverage on their patio area. The quickly moving sun through the split canvas is way too bothersome.

As for these waffles – they were LAME! Ugh, I thought the food here was going to be spectacular especially at these prices (I mean twenty bucks for waffles – they better be good)! The waffles were super crispy and tasted like powdered chocolate. They were so hard that you really couldn’t cut into them without squishing all the filling out from between them. This dish was a major sugar-bomb without any waffle satisfaction.

Fancy fire pit
Fancy fire pit, The Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Sage fried chicken and waffles – Hash House A Go Go

Sage fried chicken and waffles - Hash House A Go Go

Two sage fried chicken breasts with hardwood smoked bacon waffle tower, hot maple reduction and fried leeks. $16.95
Hash House A Go Go, Las Vegas NV

Sage fried chicken and waffles - Hash House A Go Go
Mmm, this was much tastier and more manageable than the fried chicken benedict! The chicken was still a little greasy, but the waffles with bacon cooked into them were delicious. I just drenched everything in maple syrup and went for it, lol! I could have done without the useless pile of fried leeks on top though.

Uptown special – Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles

Uptown special - Gussie's Chicken and Waffles
One southern fried chicken breast and one sweet potato waffle served with sweet cream whipped butter and warm home made brown sugar syrup. $10.54
Gussie’s Chicken and Waffles, San Francisco CA

Hmm, this was such a disappoinment! The chicken was way overcooked and the waffle was limp and lifeless! The service was super slow so maybe this was just waiting under the heat lamp so long that it dried out more than it should have.

Overcooked chicken - Gussie's Chicken and Waffles
I could barely cut through some of the chicken pieces because it was SO overcooked! If there was any flavor in this chicken, I couldn’t taste any of it because it was hard as a rock.

Demon lover – 900 Grayson

Demon lover - 900 Grayson
Spicy fried Sonoma Valley chicken, buttermilk waffle with Vermont maple syrup. $12.50
900 Grayson, Berkeley CA

This was REALLY tasty! And there was plenty of fried chicken – I could barely finish. I kinda wish the chicken was bone-in though, it feels more homey that way and it keeps the meat super moist.

Coffee - 900 Grayson
Coffee. $2

Sugar and salt - 900 Grayson
Sugar and salt.

Belgian style wafel – Blue Bottle Cafe

Belgian style wafel - Blue Bottle Cafe
Waffle with whipped butter and powdered sugar. $7.50
Blue Bottle Cafe, San Francisco CA

This is a perfect waffle, noms! The outside has a slight crispness while the center remains fluffy, and it tastes amazing. Pair it with some espresso and you’ll have an amazing morning!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011

F-Line Muni red streetcar
F-Line Muni red streetcar, 17th Street. I love the fleet of historic streetcars that run along Market Street and The Embarcadero. They’re a little slow, but it always puts a smile on my face to ride them.

Waffle with caramel sauce – Belgian Waffle Stand

Waffle with caramel sauce - Belgian Waffle Stand
Plain waffle with caramel topping. £2.50
Belgian Waffle Stand, London ENGLAND

This random waffle stand sits right outside the Green Park Tube Station and literally smells of butter and sugar, lol! They offer a variety of toppings including chocolate, strawberry, cream, fruit, etc. The waffles are super sugary and the caramel sauce made it even sweeter. It had great flavor and it was warm, but definitely way too sweet for me!

Vodafone-branded London taxi cab. The cars are wrapped in a Union Jack design made up of over 2,000 London street names. I think they look pretty cool and I guess Vodafone customers can also charge their phones and pay fare via text!