Ferrero indulgence sundae – Chocolate Spoon by Icebergs

Ferrero indulgence sundae - Chocolate Spoon by Icebergs
Vanilla and cookies ‘n cream ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, cherry. 185 PHP
Chocolate Spoon by Icebergs, Manila PHILIPPINES

After a long day exploring Robinsons Place Manila, we needed a little treat to keep us going. This sundae did just the trick. I don’t think the ice cream was all that great, but I liked the overall flavor of the sundae.

Relief map of the Philippines
Relief map of the Philippines, Rizal Park.


PB&C waffle ‘wich – Norma’s

PB&C waffle 'wich - Norma's
Chocolate waffle with a peanut buter and toffee crunch filling, whipped cream. $19
Norma’s, Palm Springs CA

Dang it was HOT outside! Norma’s really needs to have more even sun coverage on their patio area. The quickly moving sun through the split canvas is way too bothersome.

As for these waffles – they were LAME! Ugh, I thought the food here was going to be spectacular especially at these prices (I mean twenty bucks for waffles – they better be good)! The waffles were super crispy and tasted like powdered chocolate. They were so hard that you really couldn’t cut into them without squishing all the filling out from between them. This dish was a major sugar-bomb without any waffle satisfaction.

Fancy fire pit
Fancy fire pit, The Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Black forest ice blended drink – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Black forest ice blended drink - The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

“A chocolate-cherry delight made from our delicious coffee extract blended with Special Dutch chocolate powder milk, chocolate covered espresso beans, maraschino cherries and ice then topped with whipped cream.” 16 ounce $5.29
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, McCarran International Airport (LAS)

Hadn’t tried this flavor of their ice blended drinks before, and I think it is my favorite so far! I love the combination of cherry and chocolate, and the bits of chocolate covered espresso beans are fun to eat.

LAS airport welcome sign
McCarran Internationl Airport terminal welcome sign.

Poire belle Helene – Le P’tit Laurent

Poire belle Helene - Le P'tit Laurent
Poached pear with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream. $7.50
Le P’tit Laurent, San Francisco CA

This was the perfect dessert to end our meal. It wasn’t too sugary sweet and it had a great firm texture. And how can you go wrong with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce?!

Large chalk lettuce
Large chalk lettuce (Dudleya lulverulenta, Crassulaceae), West Field Road.

Rich’s banana split – Leatherby’s Family Creamery

Rich's banana split - Leatherby's Family Creamery
Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate, strawberry and pineapple sauces, whipped cream, nuts and cherry on a whole banana. $9.29
Leatherby’s Family Creamery, Sacramento CA

Rich's banana split - Leatherby's Family Creamery

I heard good things about this place from friends who grew up in the area. The sundaes and treats are gigantic, but honestly I wasn’t impressed. The ice cream didn’t taste special and the toppings, although there was plenty of them, were generic and common. Good for Leatherby’s to keep the soda fountain alive, but I think that I’ll splurge on my sweet calories elsewhere. The service was young and lacking, and the experience was mundane and uneventful. I felt no joy during my visit which is unfortunate because that’s exactly was an old-school soda fountain should evoke. Kinda sad.

Alpine meadow, Mount Rose
Alpine meadow, Mount Rose Summit Trail.

Chocolate birthday cake – Sogo Bakery

Project 365: Day 100

Wow, it’s the 100th day since I’ve started these Project 365 entries. I’m glad that I’ve stuck with it. It was great to be back at the office, but I’m looking forward to a weekend filled with absolutely nothing. Silverfox and I are gonna grab a quick dinner at Kasa Indian Eatery before having a Friday cocktail. We’re gonna have an early night since he flies out to Seattle tomorrow morning. I’m also still really tired and need to catch up on sleep.

Chocolate birthday cake Sogo Bakery

Chocolate cake with whipped cream filling and icing, topped with assorted fruit and covered with chocolate sprinkles.
Sogo Bakery, Burlingame CA

The office got this light and delicious birthday cake for me. I was genuinely surprised when they presented it. I was SO preoccupied thinking about the upcoming weekend that it didn’t even cross my mind that my office would get a cake to jump start the celebration. Thanks guys!

Chocolate birthday cake Sogo Bakery

Plum frangipane tart – Mission Pie

Plum frangipane tart Mission Pie

Slice of plum frangipane tart topped with Straus Organic whipped cream.  $3.50
Mission Pie, San Francisco

I’m not a huge fan of super sweet desserts so I love this tart at Mission Pie.  They don’t always have this flavor so don’t miss out on the thick slices of plums that are beautifully cooked and delicious! Mission Pie also buys their ingredients directly from farms and works closely with local non-profits.  Delicious desserts from a community conscious business – heck yeah!

Latte Mission Pie


Lemon cream tart – Tartine Bakery

Lemon cream tart Tartine Bakery

Sweet pastry shell filled with rich lemon cream, topped with unsweetened whipped cream and garnished with a dahlia petal.  $6.25
Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

Wow, this tart was absolute perfection!  I’ve heard people rave about this lemon cream tart, and now I know why!  The lemon cream is so silky smooth, sweet and with just the right amount of tartness.  The pastry shell is also amazing and the large dollop of unsweetened cream puts it over the top.  I ate this during the weekend so the calories don’t count, lol!

Lemon cream tart Tartine Bakery

And did I mention how beautiful it is!? I almost didn’t want to cut into it because as SO perfect looking. That hesitation didn’t last long though, and I couldn’t stop myself after I tasted the first bite. SO GOOD – NOMS!

Lemon cream tart Tartine Bakery