Warm banana bread – 1760

Warm banana bread - 1760
‘Chunky monkey’ ice cream, peanut butter crunch. $9
1760, San Francisco CA

This was probably one of the better dishes I tried at 1760 and I’m not even a huge dessert person. That doesn’t mean that this dessert completely rocked, just that the other dishes weren’t all that good. I’m also a sucker for caramelized bananas! Although the plate was a little messy and chaotic, this dish tasted pretty yummy! (The banana bread could’ve been a little warmer though).

Americano - 1760
Americano. $3


Peanut butter cup gelato – Tuttimelon

Peanut butter cup gelato - Tuttimelon
Rich peanut butter gelato with a fudge swirl. Small $4.50
Tuttimelon, San Francisco CA

For gelato, this didn’t have a very rich flavor or texture. It was dense and almost plastic tasting which is not a good combination. And I can’t believe that’s the smallest size they offer. If I wanted that much sugar, I’d go buy a gallon at the grocery store for the same price!

Band performance
Random sidewalk band performance, Downtown.

PB&C waffle ‘wich – Norma’s

PB&C waffle 'wich - Norma's
Chocolate waffle with a peanut buter and toffee crunch filling, whipped cream. $19
Norma’s, Palm Springs CA

Dang it was HOT outside! Norma’s really needs to have more even sun coverage on their patio area. The quickly moving sun through the split canvas is way too bothersome.

As for these waffles – they were LAME! Ugh, I thought the food here was going to be spectacular especially at these prices (I mean twenty bucks for waffles – they better be good)! The waffles were super crispy and tasted like powdered chocolate. They were so hard that you really couldn’t cut into them without squishing all the filling out from between them. This dish was a major sugar-bomb without any waffle satisfaction.

Fancy fire pit
Fancy fire pit, The Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

PB & J – Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts

That’s right… a peanut butter and jelly doughnut!
Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts, Charleston SC

Ugh, this donut was more sugar than anything else! The glaze was pretty thick and everything just tasted super sweet. I was missing the bold peanut butter flavor that I assumed this donut would deliver and the strawberry jelly just added to the sugar overdose. I’m sad…

Deer Tracks ice cream – Ice Cream Etc.

Deer Tracks ice cream - Ice Cream Etc.
Vanilla ice cream with miniature peanut butter cups and thick fudge. Junior scoop $2
Ice Cream Etc., Savannah GA

This ice cream was super sweet and rich. Maybe too sweet and rich for me. Not a fan…

Propeller Club Memorial Fountain, USS Savannah Marker

Propeller Club Memorial Fountain, USS Savannah Marker. I came across this fountain on the riverside walk along the Savannah River off W River Street. There’s a lot to see and do along this walk and the breeze along the river makes for a pleasant stroll.