Vanilla gelato sundae – Barzotto

Vanilla gelato sundae - Barzotto
Saba with almond biscotti. Complimentary
Barzotto, San Francisco CA

We were served these for free one night after our meal. It was really tasty and it was sweet of them to share. That’s why I love coming to this place. It’s so laid back, but the service is wonderful!


Pistacchio di bronte & Fiori di lavanda e pesca bianca gelato – Gelateria del Teatro

Pistacchio di bronte & Fiori di lavanda e pesca bianca gelato - Gelateria del Teatro
Silician pistachio & lavendar and white peach gelato.
Gelateria del Teatro, Rome ITALY

Yum, this gelato was really good! I wish I could walk around Rome just trying out all the little gelato shops and all their different flavors. I would become quite obese, but at least I’d be happy!

Peanut butter cup gelato – Tuttimelon

Peanut butter cup gelato - Tuttimelon
Rich peanut butter gelato with a fudge swirl. Small $4.50
Tuttimelon, San Francisco CA

For gelato, this didn’t have a very rich flavor or texture. It was dense and almost plastic tasting which is not a good combination. And I can’t believe that’s the smallest size they offer. If I wanted that much sugar, I’d go buy a gallon at the grocery store for the same price!

Band performance
Random sidewalk band performance, Downtown.

Pistachio gelato – Pozzetto

Pistachio gelato - Pozzetto
Pistacchio del re de sicilia. 4,90€
Pozzetto, Paris FR

It takes a lot of energy to walk around sightseeing on a hot day, so I totally earned this large cup of gelato! 🙂 It tasted pretty good and I liked the texture. I just wish it had a bolder pistachio flavor.

Arab World Institute
Institut du Monde Arabe (Arab World Institute). We came here because they have a great view of the city from their rooftop which is open to the public and free – heck yeah!

Variegato amarena and Caramello al sale – D’Ambrosio Gelato

Variegato amarena and Caramello al sale - D'Ambrosio Gelato
Kirsch cherry and salted caramel gelato. Small $3.95
D’Ambrosio Gelato, Seattle WA

This gelato had a very creamy texture. I liked the cherry flavor more than the salted caramel which is surprising. I think the salted caramel had an odd waxy texture that I didn’t like.

Purple grape hyacinth flowers

Purple grape hyacinth flowers (Muscari sp., Asparagaceae), Ballard.

Black adaba date crostata – Locanda

Black adaba date crostata Locanda

Earl grey, almond, vanilla gelato. $9
Locanda, San Francisco

This was the best part of the meal! But I guess since it was one of my birthday dinners, dessert is always the best part. Seriously though, this crostata was beautiful and delicious. I’ve never had a date crostata before, but the black adaba dates tasted amazing with the almond. And vanilla gelato can’t disappoint. I’m not sure where the Earl grey was, but I think it was incorporated into the glaze?

Black adaba date crostata Locanda