Dole whip soft serve – Lappert’s Ice Cream

Dole whip soft serve - Lappert's Ice Cream
Pineapple soft serve frozen dessert. Small $3.45
Lappert’s Ice Cream, Palm Springs CA

Mmm, this was the first time I’ve tried Dole whip and I thought it was great! Most go to Hawaii or Disneyland, but I found it in Palm Springs! Next time I’m in Hawaii I’ll have to keep my eyes open for it (without having to go to the Dole plantation).

Peanut butter Oreo ice cream – Venice Coffee and Creamery

Peanut butter Oreo ice cream - Venice Coffee and Creamery
Small $4.25
Venice Coffee and Creamery, Venice CA

I’ve never had this combination in an ice cream before, and I liked it! The ice cream was really dense and cold which was great after a morning of walking everywhere. I was thought it was a little expensive for a small scoop though.

Frozen yogurt cup – Eddie’s Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt cup - Eddie's Frozen Yogurt
Topped with caramel popcorn and Heath bar. $2.30
Eddie’s Frozen Yogurt, Palm Springs CA

Ugh, this was kinda gross! All the yogurt flavors tasted super synthetic and weird. I opted for two different flavors (the least offensive ones) and only got a little bit of them. I really need a sugar fix otherwise I would have passed.