Espresso and pistachio macarons – Bouchon Bakery

Espresso and pistachio macarons - Boucon Bakery
Each $3.50
Bouchon Bakery, Yountville CA

Mmm, I love macarons! Bouchon Bakery is very popular and the wait can be ridiculously long. So were these macarons worth it? Hmm, I’d say so. They were nice and soft and very flavorful without being overly sweet.

Fireman statue, Van de Leur Park
Fireman statue, Van de Leur Park.

Apricot sorbet – Luce

Apricot sorbet - Luce
Cardamom crumble and pistachio. Tasting menu $95
Luce, San Francisco CA

I enjoy simple desserts and this one was lovely and delicious. The sorbet had a great apricot flavor and the cardamom crumbled and chopped pistachios were fun additions.

Spreckels Gallery

Adolph B. and Alma de Bretteville Spreckels Gallery, California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Assorted macarons – Paul

Assorted macarons - Paul
Chocolate, coconut, raspberry, citron, caramel, pistachio. 8,70€
Paul, Paris FR

Assorted macarons - Paul
I grabbed these macarons at Gare du Nord. I had bought some fancier ones from Pierre Herme as gifts. I later found that the Pierre Herme macarons didn’t survive the hot weather though, aww. 😦 The Paul macarons did survive. I ate some on the train leaving Paris and they were pretty good. They definitely weren’t as soft and delicate as the ones from Pierre Herme. Those were super fancy and expensive.

Gare du Nord
Gare du Nord train station. I love the public transportation in Paris, it’s SO much more extensive and efficient than what we have in San Francisco (Muni and Bart both suck!).

Pistachio gelato – Pozzetto

Pistachio gelato - Pozzetto
Pistacchio del re de sicilia. 4,90€
Pozzetto, Paris FR

It takes a lot of energy to walk around sightseeing on a hot day, so I totally earned this large cup of gelato! 🙂 It tasted pretty good and I liked the texture. I just wish it had a bolder pistachio flavor.

Arab World Institute
Institut du Monde Arabe (Arab World Institute). We came here because they have a great view of the city from their rooftop which is open to the public and free – heck yeah!

Cheese plate – Maven

Cheese plate - Maven
Delice de bourgogne (triple creme cow’s milk cheese), petit agour (sheep’s milk aged cheese), roaring forties (blue cheese) with pears, pistachios and honey. $16
Maven, San Francisco CA

Wow, this was A LOT of cheese! We were having a four-course tasting menu but we weren’t sure how much food it would be so we ordered this cheese plate early on to supplement our meal. Boy, we wish we hadn’t. No, the cheese was amazing but we were SO full that we really didn’t need anymore food. We tried our best ot eat as much of it as we could though. I think the roaring forties blue cheese with the honey on top was my favorite. NOMS!

Four Roses Manhattan - Maven
Four Roses Manhattan. $9

Little gem salad – Locanda

Little gem salad Locanda

Grilled persimmon, crescenza cheese, pistachio, aperol. $11
Locanda, San Francisco

This was a very nice salad. The ingredients tasted great together, and you can never go wrong with crescenza cheese. The persimmon added a delicious flavor and the pistachio added crunch. Simple and delicious!

Focaccia Locanda

Focaccia bread. Complimentary
Omg, this bread was SO frickin’ buttery and delicious! Even though it was also very salty, I still say “Yes, please!”