Orange mimosa sorbet – SLS Las Vegas Hotel

Orange mimosa sorbet - SLS Las Vegas Hotel
SLS Las Vegas Hotel, Las Vegas NV

Mmm, this sorbet was just what the doctor ordered. It was hot and sunny by the pool, and this was the perfect treat!


Apricot sorbet – Luce

Apricot sorbet - Luce
Cardamom crumble and pistachio. Tasting menu $95
Luce, San Francisco CA

I enjoy simple desserts and this one was lovely and delicious. The sorbet had a great apricot flavor and the cardamom crumbled and chopped pistachios were fun additions.

Spreckels Gallery

Adolph B. and Alma de Bretteville Spreckels Gallery, California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Lemon basil sorbet – Raimo Kiosk

Lemon basil sorbet - Raimo Kiosk
1 scoop 3€
Raimo Kiosk, Paris FR

I guess this flavor won some contest in Paris for the best sorbet in the city. Hmm, I’m not convinced, lol! This was a little too tart for me, and it was too icy and melted quickly. We went to the kiosk at the Jardin de Plantes so it was at least a really pretty location.

Raimo napkin
Raimo napkin.

The Pantheon
The Pantheon, Latin Quarter. This building now functions as a secular mausoleum containing the remains of distinguished French citizens. It was under construction during our visit.

Desserts – Tinto

Bunuelos - Tinto
Bunuelos: donuts, date jam, spiced honey, date-olive oil ice cream. Summer prix-fixe menu $38
Tinto, Palm Springs CA

Mmm, I love bunuelos! These were pretty good and I enjoyed the date-olive oil ice cream too!

Chocolate flourless cake - Tinto
Chocolate flourless cake, chocolate mousse, passion fruit sorbet.

I think this was just a little too rich for me after a large meal. I couldn’t only eat a few bites before I had to quit. The flavors were good though.

Pink crown of thorns flowers
Pink crown of thorns flowers (Euphorbia milii, Euphorbiaceae).

South Carolina peaches – McCrady’s Restaurant

South Carolina peaches - McCrady's Restaurant
Shiso biscuit, peach cream and sorbet. 4 course dinner $60
McCrady’s Restaurant, Charleston SC

South Carolina peaches - McCrady's Restaurant
This was a wonderful way to end a marvelous meal! Since I totally ordered on the “heavy” side for the previous courses, this light and refreshing dessert was just what I needed. The shiso biscuit and leaves were delightful and tasted great with the peaches and sorbet. Mmm, noms!

Window planter with leopard plant (Ligularia sp., Asteraceae)

Beautiful window planter with a hardy leopard plant (Ligularia sp., Asteraceae). This planter was a few doors down from McCrady’s and the Ligularia was absolutely stunning with it’s large, shiny green leaves and small yellow composite flowers.

“Marjolaine” – The French Laundry

Praline mousse, “dacquoise”, meringue, and roasted banana sorbet. Chef’s Tasting Menu $270
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

This was one of those desserts that has a lot of amazing components but I couldn’t seem to enjoy them all at once. It all tasted great, but I was left with a feeling of disappointment. The tiny pieces of bananas were amazing, lol!

Meyer lemon cremeaux – RN74

Meyer lemon cremeaux RN74

With pistachio streusel, kaffir lime meringue, citrus wedges, coconut-shiso sorbet, micro Thai basil. New Year four-course tasting menu $80
RN74, San Francisco

I enjoyed this dessert very much. It was very different and fresh tasting. I think my favorite components were the kaffir lime meringues and the cremeaux. It was mostly citrus flavors but the pistachio streusel helped to neutralize the acidity. I’m still on the fence about the coconut-shiso sorbet. Maybe that was a little too out there for me. Perhaps the flavor wasn’t intense enough so it faded into the background.

Coffee RN74

Coffee. $3.50 per cup. Very cute service.

Seascape Strawberry – Scream Sorbet

Seascape Strawberry Scream Sorbet
Wholesome sorbet with just 2 ingredients! Rodriguez Ranch organic Seascape strawberries and sugar. Petite cup $3
Scream Sorbet, San FranciscoThe deep, almost neon-y color of this sorbet was absolutely beautiful, and the strawberry flavor was rich and spectacular!  What wasn’t so great was the price.  I ordered a $3 petite cup and it was definitely PETITE!  The pic looks deceiving, but the amount of sorbet in this tiny cup was about a large spoonful.  Don’t get me wrong, I buy organic and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle but I draw the line at spending $3 on a spoonful of sorbet.  I’m glad I tasted Scream Sorbet but next time I’ll buy a cup of fresh, organic strawberries instead.

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