Apricot sorbet – Luce

Apricot sorbet - Luce
Cardamom crumble and pistachio. Tasting menu $95
Luce, San Francisco CA

I enjoy simple desserts and this one was lovely and delicious. The sorbet had a great apricot flavor and the cardamom crumbled and chopped pistachios were fun additions.

Spreckels Gallery

Adolph B. and Alma de Bretteville Spreckels Gallery, California Palace of the Legion of Honor.


Tasting of goat cheese – Jardiniere

Tasting of goat cheese - Jardiniere
Sunflower seed, apricot. Tasting menu $140
Jardiniere, San Francisco CA

This tasting had 4 goat cheeses aged for various amounts of time, but they were all delicious! Their textures and flavors were distinct and it was difficult to choose a favorite. At first, I enjoyed the sunflower seed butter but it eventually ended up dominating all the cheeses. It had a thick consistency and a permeating flavor so a little went a long way. The cheeses should have been the stars though.

Winged thistle

Winged thistle (Carduus tenuiflorus, Asteraceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

‘Ice cream’ sandwich – State Bird Provisions

Ice cream sandwich - State Bird Provisions
Candied almond and chocolate, apricot meringue. $8
State Bird Provisions, San Francisco CA

This was a really fun and delicious dessert! I liked that it wasn’t overly sweet and the components worked well together.

Pink crystalline ice plant
Pink crystalline ice plant flowers (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum, Aizoaceae), Great Highway.

Coffee and doughnuts – Twenty Five Lusk

Doughnuts - Twenty Five Lusk
House made brioche doughnuts, apricot creme patissiere filling, chocolate sauce. Gilt City brunch menu
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco CA

Ugh, the doughnuts were super dry and dense! They tasted old. It’s unfortunate that the one real misstep of the meal occurred at the end. The apricot filling, however, was delicious and the chocolate sauce was rich and tasty.

Coffee - Twenty Five Lusk

Coffee service - Twenty Five Lusk
Coffee service.

Anchor Steam ale - Twenty Five Lusk

Half pint Anchor Steam ale.
Now this is my idea of a coffee and doughnut service! They randomly throw in some beer – heck yeah! 🙂

Coffee break – Simple Pleasures Cafe

Latte raspberry shortbread cookie Simple Pleasures Cafe

Latte and a raspberry shortbread cookie.
Simple Pleasures Cafe, San Francisco

Went here to meet with a couple friends who were visiting town. I wouldn’t normally drive this far for coffee, but I missed these girls and really wanted to catch up. The coffee shop was cute and had a great neighborhood-y vibe. The clientele was diverse and they have outdoor seating which was great since it was sunny and warm that morning. The service was friendly and the coffee/espresso was good. The cookies were mediocre.

Coffee apricot crumble bar Simple Pleasures Cafe

Coffee and an apricot crumble bar.

Apricot bande aux fruits – La Boulange de Noe

Project 365: Day 30

It’s Friday, Friday! (Sung a-la Rebecca Black)

Totally forgot that Codes was visiting this weekend so that should be fun. Don’t have to work as of now so it’ll be nice to relax and hang out with Silverfox and friends. I had a really good workout this morning and I like to think that people were checking me out, lol! Maybe I was just hallucinating cause I was starving again. Or maybe I just had booger hanging from my nose!

Apricot bande aux fruits La Boulange de Noe

Buttery pastry crust with almond cream (or vanilla cream?) and sweet apricots. $3
La Boulange Bakery, San Francisco

This place is gonna be the death of me! I’m always hungry after the gym and I walk by La Boulange and Noe Valley Bakery on the way home so I’m always tempted to grab something to snack on. This bande aux fruits was SO yummy and I loved the charred apricots on top.

Apricot bande aux fruits La Boulange de Noe

The crust was super soft!

Apricot bande aux fruits La Boulange de Noe

Pretty and nommy!

Shortbread marzipan cookie – Victoria Pastry Company

Shortbread marzipan cookie Victoria Pastry Co

French shortbread cookie with marzipan filling and apricot and raspberry jam.
Victoria Pastry Company, Greenbrae CA

I’m not quite sure of the technical differences between a cookie and a pastry.  The shop called this a cookie, but I would’ve been more inclined to call it a pastry (and probably erroneously).  Maybe because it was quite large, glazed, and had marzipan and two different jams.  In any case, it was scrumptious!  It was so soft and not overly sweet.  The marzipan gave it a nice almond flavor and the jams were delicious.  I don’t make it out to Greenbrae very often, but I will swing by Victoria Pastry Company for another yummy treat the next time I do.

New Manhattan Philz Coffee

And, yes, I still had a Philz Coffee New Manhattan with me from the SF commute. They tasted pretty amazing together!  Mmm, gotta love Philz Coffee…