Shortbread marzipan cookie – Victoria Pastry Company

Shortbread marzipan cookie Victoria Pastry Co

French shortbread cookie with marzipan filling and apricot and raspberry jam.
Victoria Pastry Company, Greenbrae CA

I’m not quite sure of the technical differences between a cookie and a pastry.  The shop called this a cookie, but I would’ve been more inclined to call it a pastry (and probably erroneously).  Maybe because it was quite large, glazed, and had marzipan and two different jams.  In any case, it was scrumptious!  It was so soft and not overly sweet.  The marzipan gave it a nice almond flavor and the jams were delicious.  I don’t make it out to Greenbrae very often, but I will swing by Victoria Pastry Company for another yummy treat the next time I do.

New Manhattan Philz Coffee

And, yes, I still had a Philz Coffee New Manhattan with me from the SF commute. They tasted pretty amazing together!  Mmm, gotta love Philz Coffee…

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